iVision Mobile Company Overview


iVision Mobile is a privately owned company based in Los Angeles, California, and has quickly made an impact on the industry with their innovative mobile messaging and mobile marketing solutions.

iVision Mobile was founded in 2003 on the principle that mobile technology should be accessible to all. By combining a cost-effective, web-based software platform with world-class customer service, as well as an expansive knowledge of mobile marketing, iVisionMobile has generated significant attention for its easy to use messaging platform.

Cutting Edge Mobile Technology

iVision Mobile is the ONLY web-based messaging solution that allows users to create unique Interactive Replies. With iVision Mobile's patent-pending Interactive Replies feature, companies can create interactive & personalized messaging campaigns which stimulate consumer interaction and increase brand loyalty.

Protecting Your Customers

iVision Mobile has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all messages follow the Mobile Marketing Assocation's "Best Practices" for mobile campaigns. We have spent the past two years developing our software to strictly adhere to these important guidelines. Each message sent from the iVision Mobile network is automatically formatted for proper "Opt-in" and "Message Flow" requirements. Proper messaging techniques are imperative to ensure that your end-users receive your messages in a non-invasive manner and enjoy a positive experience via your mobile campaign. iVision Mobile focuses on an optimal end-user experience which will leave your customers happy and excited for more!