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Mobile Marketing & Communications Experts

iVision Mobile is a 10 year old software development company that provides industry-leading web-based software for mobile marketing and communications. We pride ourselves on delivering best in class software that is versatile and easy to use, as well as unparalleled customer support to our clients and partners.
  • mobile marketing software

    Mobile Marketing Software

    iMessenger is an easy to use, web-based text messaging software that allows small, medium, and large enterprises to independently create and manage interactive mobile campaigns. The cutting-edge software platform enables our clients to leverage a wide range of toolsets designed to maximize ROI by complimenting a company's overall marketing strategy. iMessenger lets users Add & Import Contacts, send text message blasts, and create interactive mobile campaigns such as voting/polling, surveys, text to win, coupons, and more...
  • digital loyalty kiosk

    Digital Loyalty Kiosk

    Text Engage is a Digital Loyalty System that rewards customers and drives revenue using text messaging. iVision Mobile's Text-Engage Loyalty Kiosk is an easy-to-use digital display that provides customers with a user friendly way to join a mobile club, check-in to a loyalty program, and/or redeem a coupon. This solutions enables businesses to engage and reward their customers like never before!
  • private label mobile marketing software

    Private Label Reseller License

    iVision Mobile has put together the ultimate mobile marketing business package that gives you everything you need to start and run a successful mobile marketing company. This is a great full-service business package with industry-leading mobile marketing technology to give you the best chance for success. Don't re-invent the wheel - leverage our 10+ years of experience in mobile to drive your success!
  • text message appointmen reminders

    Text Reminder System

    Increase ROI and reduce overall operating costs by utilizing text message reminders for appointments. The Text Reminder System lets you schedule appointment reminders and communicate one on one with customers using a simple text messaging interface.
  • Text Alerts

    Send targeted text message communications to optin contacts using the iMessenger text messaging software platform.
  • Advanced Messaging

    Increase response rates with features like Message Personalization, Time Delay, Data Capture, Social Networking integration and more.
  • Text Voting & Polling

    Provide instant gratification to participants of a text vote/poll by displaying the results in real time using our advanced text to screen capabilities.
  • Mobile Coupons

    Integrate mobile coupons into a mobile marketing campaign and track usage and redemption of coupons.
  • Mobile Surveys

    iVision Mobile's advanced software allows companies to quickly deploy dynamic mobile surveys and data collection systems
  • Mobile Trivia

    Mobile trivia campaigns provide an immediate interactive component that users feel compelled to participate in.
  • Text to Win

    The iMessenger text messaging software platform can be leveraged to create highly effective text to win campaigns that generate high response rates.
  • Digital Loyalty Kiosk

    Leverage iVision Mobile's NEW 'Do It Yourself' Kiosk Software to design a custom kiosk experience for your customers, enabling them to join a mobile club, redeem a coupon, or check into a loyalty program.
  • Appointment Reminders

    Help your customer service representatives communicate easily and effectively with your patients, customers, or guests using the i-TRS appointment reminder system.
  • LIVE Text to Screen

    Text to screen can be part of a live event, embedded on a website for ongoing data collection, or incorporated into LIVE broadcast television.
  • LIVE Pics to Screen

    Pics to screen lets audience members send an inbound MMS message with a picture which can then be displayed on a projection screen.
  • Text to Pledge

    Text to Pledge is a cheaper and more effective method of obtaining donations via text message.
  • MMS & Content Delivery

    iMessenger's content delivery platform provides an easy to use system for any content distributor interested in delivering wallpapers, ringtones, and mobile video via MMS.
  • Web Form Wizard

    Leverage iVision Mobile's robust web form wizard to design and launch custom web forms that integrate with our technology. Forms can be easily embedded on a webpage or Facebook fan page.
  • Emergency Alerts

    The iMessenger system allows emergency response teams to create, send and deliver time-sensitive alerts to community members from a computer or mobile device.
  • Comprehensive APIs

    Mobile marketing messages can be sent quickly and easily when using the iVision Mobile, Inc. platform by integrating directly with our custom APIs.
  • Mobile Webpages

    iVision Mobile offers an easy to use mobile webpage builder. This tool lets users easily create stunning mobile sites on a non-branded domain.
  • Data-Feeding

    iVision Mobile can integrate with any 3rd party data provider to automate processing of data feeds for mobile campaigns or mobile WAP pages.
  • Custom Development

    iVision Mobile is your dedicated mobile partner and can assist with the rapid development of any mobile application or custom text messaging solution.
  • Dedicated Short Codes

    iVision Mobile supports both shared and dedicated short code environments for clients and can handle all aspects of the short code provisioning process with the carriers.
  • QR Codes

    Launch QR codes for any mobile campaign and give your customers a more interactive experience when opting into keywords or launching mobile sites.
  • As a sports marketer for an NBA team, maintaining a progressive brand identity is critical when engaging our fans with campaigns and promotions. iVisionMobile's flexible platform allows us to create all types of mobile campaigns in minutes.
    Neil Kennish - Houston Rockets
  • Car buyers need access to Carfax Vehicle History Reports no matter where they shop. iVisionMobile's technology connects dealers with serious used car shoppers and instantly delivers the information they need to buy with confidence.
    Bill Eager - CARFAX, Vice President
  • iVision Mobile has provided us with a first class mobile platform that has allowed us to effectively and conveniently reach our fans. Omer and his team are incredibly reliable and always ready to assist us.
    Mike Grahl - Milwaukee Bucks
  • i-Messenger

    i-Messenger is by far our most popular product! i-Messenger is an easy to use web-based Text Messaging Software platform. Use i-Messenger to create all types of interactive mobile marketing and engaging SMS campaigns.
  • Loyalty Kiosk

    Leverage iVision Mobile's NEW 'Do It Yourself' Kiosk Software to design a custom kiosk experience for your customers, enabling them to join a mobile club, redeem a coupon, or check into a loyalty program.
  • Text Reminder System

    The i-TRS system is a one-on-one messaging platform that allows for the easy creation and deployment of appointment reminders and SMS notifications.
  • Text to Screen

    Engage your audience with real time Text to Screen and voting/polling capabilities using our proprietary Text to screen application.
  • Drop & Go

    The Drop&Go message delivery system is a turnkey solution for deploying enterprise-level messaging to pre-specified contacts lists.
  • Private Label License

    Private Labeling allows you to market our products as your own. By re-branding the product, you can charge whatever makes sense for your project.
  • i-Dealership

    The iDealership solution increases customer retention and satisfaction by providing timely service alerts, mobilizes inventory using text messaging software and mobile WAP pages.
  • Nav2.0 Framework

    Nav2.0 lets users customize the entire look and feel of the iMessenget software, for a completely rebranded look and feel.
  • Free To End User (FTEU)

    Free to End User (FTEU) messaging is the newest and most promising text messaging delivery method for key business sectors, allowing for the delivery of FREE messages to phone subscribers.
  • Training Videos

    View any of our training videos for an in-depth look at our mobile marketing software.
  • Mobile FAQs

    We've compiled a list of useful questions and answers for anyone that is new to navigating the mobile space.
  • Short Code FAQs

    Are you new to short codes? Read the list of comprehensive questions and answers for a better understanding of how it all works.
  • Best Practices

    View a consolidated list of the carrier best practices and industry guidelines on one page. Enjoy!
  • Mobile Glossary

    Need help with unrecognized terms? View the mobile glossary for an explanation of what everything means.
  • Knowledge Base

    iVision Mobile has prepared a knowledge base with ideas and strategies for launching and executing a successful mobile campaign.
  • Support Request

    Need help? Submit a support request now and we will get back to you asap.
  • Supported Carriers

    View a list of supported carriers for each of our short codes.

iVision Mobile, Inc.

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iVision Mobile's partners allow our clients to deliver interactive mobile marketing and text messaging content to 255+ million mobile subscribers in the US and access to the world's largest mobile transaction network (440 operators in 180 countries around the world).

Millions of text messages and downloads have been reliably processed from mobile subscribers over the iVision Mobile Marketing Web-based platform. Scalability, redundancy, and security are the foundation of the platform, relied upon by thousands of marketers, SMS providers and enablers and emergency administrators.

Contact us for all your mobile marketing and text messaging needs at (866) 655-5302

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