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Loyalty Kiosk
Create and deploy an easy to use stand alone digital kiosk display
Text Message Appointment Scheduling & Reminder System
Text to Screen
Engage Audiences At Live Events With Real-Time Text To Screen
Drop & Go
Drag and Drop your data file for turnkey enterprise message deployment
Mobile Solutions for Car Dealerships
Private Label Reseller
Learn about our Private Label Reseller License
Custom Nav2.0 Framework
Customize the look and feel of your messaging software
Free To End User (FTEU)
Mobile marketing and text messaging communications for key business sectors
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iVision Mobile is a software development company focused on providing cost-effective and easy to use text messaging software solutions for businesses.
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iVision Mobile's powerful text messaging software and mobile marketing platform lets clients 

Add & Import Contacts,

 Send Mass Text Messages

, and develop interactive mobile marketing campaigns such as voting/polling, surveys, text to win, and more..
Learn about text messaging software...
The industry's leading mobile marketing platform is NOW available as a comprehensive private label text messaging solution. Rebrand and resell the most powerful mobile communications technology in the marketplace!

Learn About Our White Label Mobile Solutions...

Kiosk Software

Leverage iVision Mobile's NEW 'Do It Yourself' Kiosk Software to design a custom kiosk experience for your customers, enabling them to join a mobile club, redeem a coupon, or check into a loyalty program..

Testimonials, Blog, and FAQs

How it Works Case Studies Testimonials Mobile Solutions F.A.Q.s
Bulk SMS SMS Gateway SMS Marketing SMS Software Short Codes

How It Works

You simply choose a KEYWORD that identifies your company or campaign. Your customers, and prospects then send a text message with your keyword to our short code (55678). When iVisionMobile receives an incoming text message to your keyword, the sender's mobile number is stored in your database for future mobile marketing campaigns, and they receive the response that you have chosen.

Using our built in applications, you can reply with a simple text message, hold a contest or vote, or send a link to a mobile web page. Using our powerful API, SMS messages can easily be integrated into your existing systems for customized content.

Whether you want to send coupons, a simple text message response, or connect to an elaborate SMS application or API, with iVision Mobile you'll be connected instantly! Our Mobile Marketing service is simply the easiest and most inexpensive way to integrate text messaging into your business. Mobile Marketing is no longer just for big brands! With iVision Mobile, small to medium sized businesses can have the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Text & Save with the Seattle SuperSonics

Company The Supersonics was a professional NBA basketball team based in Seattle, Wash. until 2008 when the team relocated and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. The campaign featured in this case study took place while the team was located in Seattle. The lessons learned still apply.
Challenge The Seattle Supersonics endeavored to increase fan interaction and participation during games at the encouragement of the NBA. One of the tactics being advocated by the league was the use of text messaging. The objectives were for the team to personally interact with fans on a mass scale and, at the same time, to develop an opt-in list for subsequent promotions.
Solution Rather than incur the time and cost associated with provisioning its own short code (as other teams in the league did), the Supersonics opted to team with iVision Mobile and rent one of its shared short codes. This allowed the Supersonics to immediately launch its program and take full advantage of the season ahead.

After the short code was reserved, the team began testing ways to get its fans more involved in games and communicating via text. At first, the calls to action stood to rally fans around event proceedings, such as texting in to request a song for the dance-cam segment. Invitations to text in were announced over the PA system and on the jumbo screen during games.

This spurred some fans to get involved—but it wasn’t nearly the level of participation the Supersonics had envisioned. So the team began mixing in trivia questions and user polls with the opportunity to win team memorabilia, such as autographed jerseys and basketballs. The text-to-win approach garnered a much stronger response, especially when paired with a question or poll that fans felt strongly about.

Participation was further boosted by establishing a schedule of regular announcements so that fans could anticipate when those announcements would be made and take it upon themselves to ensure they didn’t miss out. Next, the team realized there were revenue opportunities with text messaging and began appending an offer code for discounted ticket purchases on the return text that thanked the participating fan for entering a text-to-win promotion.

This discount was also extended to broadcast audiences when a game was televised, using simple calls to action or easy trivia questions to encourage participation. This helped to boost fan interaction at home, to increase the team’s mobile opt-in rate by reaching a larger audience, and unexpectedly, to spur a greater amount of ticket sales than the promotion had achieved in-arena because fans at home were already close to their computers and could immediately jump online to make purchases.

The team decided it needed a more immediate revenue draw from fans attending the game in person. It began alternating the discounted ticket promotions with coupons for 10% off team store merchandise, available that night only.

Results: By the end of the season, the Seattle Supersonic’s opt-in list had grown into the thousands, with hundreds of participants interacting at every home game. And adding the discounts paid off, with an additional 610 tickets sold and upwards of $19,000 of additional revenue generated through related ticket sales and store merchandise purchases. Not bad considering the discounts were introduced mid-season, and that the cost of the campaign was only around $1,290 for the entire season.
Business Lessons Learned • Incorporate mobile marketing into live events to increase audience participation and to create personal interactions with fans.

• Transform mobile event participation into revenue generation by integrating money-saving incentives that trigger purchases while fan enthusiasm is running high.

• When extending a promotion into broadcast media for a live event, be sure to run the announcement multiple times so that you can also catch people who are distracted or flipping back and forth between channels.
Mobile Marketing - Client Testimonials
Houston Rockets Text Message Marketing

"As a sports marketer for an NBA team, maintaining a progressive brand identity is critical when engaging our fans with campaigns and promotions. iVisionMobile’s flexible platform allows us to create all types of mobile campaigns in minutes."

- Neil Kennish
Houston Rockets, Business Strategy Manager


Carfax for Mobile Devices

“Car buyers need access to Carfax Vehicle History Reports no matter where they shop. iVisionMobile's technology connects dealers with serious used car shoppers and instantly delivers the information they need to buy with confidence.”

- Bill Eager
CARFAX, Vice President, Carfax dealer business unit

Milwaukee Bucks Text Alerts

"Ivision Mobile has provided us with a first class mobile platform that has allowed us to effectively and conveniently reach our fans. Omer and his team are incredibly reliable and always ready to assist us."

- Mike Grahl
Milwaukee Bucks, Interactive Marketing Manager
LIVE CAMPAIGN: Text "BUCKS" to 59925

Mobile & SMS Solutions

Text Alerts Text Message Alerts & Notifications
Send targeted text message communications to optin contacts using the iMessenger 

text messaging software

Text Alerts Mobile Trivia
Mobile trivia campaigns provide an immediate interactive component that users feel compelled to participate with.
Text Alerts Mobile Coupons
Integrate mobile coupons into a

mobile marketing

 campaign and provide great incentives which generally yield much higher response rates.
Text Alerts Appointment Reminders
Help your customer service representatives communicate easily and effectively with your patients, customers, or guests using the iTRS appointment reminder system...
Text Alerts Mobile Content Delivery
Messenger’s content delivery platform provides an easy to use system for any content distributor interested in delivering wallpapers, ringtones, and mobile video.
Text Alerts mCommerce/Mobile Payment
iVisionMobile's iPayText, Pay by Phone mCommerce solution enables secure and easy ordering and/or purchasing from your mobile phone.
Text Alerts Emergency Notifications
The iMessenger system allows emergency response teams to create, send and deliver time-sensitive alerts to community members from a computer or mobile device.
Text Alerts Comprehensive APIs

Mobile marketing messages can be sent quickly and easily when using the iVisionMobile, Inc. platform by integrating directly with our custom APIs.

Text Alerts WAP Page Builder
iVisionMobile’s experienced development team works with clients to design, develop, and launch static and dynamic mobile WAP sites...
Text Alerts Text Voting & Polling
Provide instant gratification to participants of a text vote/poll by displaying the results in real time using our advanced text to screen capabilities.
Text Alerts Mobile Surveys
iVisionMobile’s advanced mobile survey software allows companies to quickly deploy dynamic mobile surveys and data collection systems...
Text Alerts Text to Win
The iMessenger 

text messaging software platform can be leveraged to create highly effective text to win campaigns that generate high response rates...

Text Alerts Real-Time Text to Screen
Text to screen can be part of a live event, embedded on a website for ongoing data collection, or incorporated into LIVE broadcast television.
Text Alerts HTML & Flash Web Widgets
Use HTML and Flash widgets to integrate your

mobile marketing campaigns with websites and email marketing for increased results and to generate opt-in contacts via the web.

Text Alerts Premium SMS
Premium SMS gives clients the ability to earn money on text messages and content for which consumers will pay to send or receive.
Text Alerts Text to Chat
Anonymous text chatting is here! Text-to-Chat is the perfect compliment for any social networking event, website or online community.
Text Alerts Automated Data Feeding
iVisionMobile can integrate with any 3rd party data provider to automate processing of data feeds for mobile campaigns or mobile WAP pages. 
Text Alerts Mobile Application Development
iVisionMobile is your dedicated mobile partner and can assist with the rapid development of any mobile application or custom

text messaging software

iVision Mobile Q&A

Q. 1. How do customers Opt-in to my mobile campaign?

A. When you sign up for an iVision Mobile account, you are automatically given one mobile campaign of your choice. Additional keywords can be purchased and you can have an unlimited number of unique mobile campaigns. All your customer has to do is text your Opt-in Keyword to the shortcode 59925 and they can Opt-in to your mobile campaign. For example, if your key word is WIN, your customer texts the word WIN to 59925.

Your customer can just as easily opt-out of your mobile campaign by sending the word STOP to 59925.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 2. What is a Double Opt-in?

Any mobile campaign that is ongoing (Subscription) or Premium-rate requires a Double Opt-in procedure. This procedure starts with the user sending a text message with your Keyword to 59925. The user will then receive a message asking that they confirm their request to join your mobile campaign. By replying with YES, Y, OK, or SURE, the user confirms their opt-in request and is “Double Opted-in” to your mobile campaign. The user then receives a confirmation message stating the terms of the mobile campaign along with your contact information. Now, you are ready to start sending your user timely mobile alerts.
Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 3. How can I promote my mobile campaign to my customers?

A. The best way to build your Opt-in database is to promote your mobile campaign through your existing promotional channels such as print, radio, television, internet, in-venue, packaged goods, and more. Utilizing your existing marketing efforts is the best way to encourage customers to join your mobile campaign. Your campaign message to consumers should be simple and can be added to the promotional material you are currently using:

"Join Hollywood VIP Mobile Club to find out about hot upcoming events. Send the Word ‘VIP’ to 59925 Now!
*This is a free service, however standard text messaging charges by your wireless carrier may apply.
Additionally, you can create incentives such as free gifts, discounts, and special invites to encourage your customers to join your mobile campaign.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 4. What types of mobile campaigns can I create with your service?

iVision Mobile supports all types of mobile campaigns. Select a one-time message or subscription campaign and choose either Standard rate or Premium rate. Most of our messages are text-based (SMS) messages no longer than 160-characters. Each message can have up to 6 Interactive Replies that can be created to increase interaction and personalization for your mobile campaign.

iVision Mobile also supports content mobile campaigns such as ringtones, wallpapers, mobile video, and WAP URLs.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 5. What are the special rules regarding Text-to-Win Premium Sweepstakes?

A. ALL Premium sweepstakes campaigns must have a FREE method for entering the sweepstakes online. iVision Mobile ensures that all Premium text-to-win or text-to-vote campaigns also have a FREE method of entry via our branded website It is recommended that our clients create their own FREE entry methods via their branded websites to ensure compliance with Premium messaging guidelines.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 6. What cellular carriers do you support?

A. iVision Mobile currently has connections with ALL US Tier 1 carriers (Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Nextel, Virgin Mobile, US Cellular, Alltel). Our service is also compatible with most US Tier 2 carriers as well.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 7. Do I still need to find a Mobile Marketer or Aggregator?

A. The answer is NO! iVision Mobile provides you with all the tools needed to create unique mobile campaigns in minutes. Aggregators specialize in direct connections to the US carriers and have very limited messaging platforms. Mobile Marketers charge a hefty premium for preparing mobile campaigns that can be created in 5 minutes with iVision Mobile. Bypass the mobile marketer and the aggregator and take advantage of a messaging software that is easy to use and very advanced.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 8. How do I get my contacts into the iVision Mobile software?

A. iVision Mobile has designed a simple online process for uploading existing contacts. Use our sample .CSV file to properly format your existing contacts. Our uploader will sort out invalid records and duplicates while updating records that have already been added.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 9. What if I have existing mobile phone numbers with no carrier info?

A. iVision Mobile can lookup your existing mobile contacts and retrieve the carrier information for these contacts. All you have to do is upload your contacts database via .CSV File and let iVision Mobile do the rest.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 10. How do I access my iVision Mobile account and what software/hardware do I need?

A. iVision Mobile is web-based. When you setup an account, all you need to access the iVision Mobile service is a computer that is connected to the internet and any web browser. There is no special software or hardware to install or purchase.
Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 11. How long does it take before subscribers receive messages I send out?

A. Messages are sent instantly within 1-2 minutes of you sending a message.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 12. What is the limit of messages I can send with your service?

A. There is no limit of how many messages you can send using our service. However, best practices indicate that you should not be sending more than one message per day to your subscriber base. More frequent message sending can result in a very high opt-out rate from your list.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 13. How Much Does Your Service Cost?

. iVision Mobile is affordable and can be setup immediately. With iVision Mobile there are NO setup fees or licensing costs. We charge a low per message rate for outgoing and incoming messages. Users purchase message credits and one keyword is provided free of charge. More keywords can be purchased for an additional monthly fee.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 14. What are Interactive Replies?

A. The key to a successful mobile campaign is to engage your users in interactive and personalized messaging content. iVision Mobile’s patent-pending software allows mobile campaigns to have up to 6 Interactive Replies that stimulate user interactivity and personalization. Create up to 6 personalized messages that users can interact back and forth with.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 15. When can I start using my mobile campaign?

A. The answer is NOW! iVision Mobile has gone through the painstaking task of provisioning every type of mobile campaign so you don’t have to. Simply log-in and create any type of multiple campaign such as text-to-win, text-to-vote, interactive alert, trivia, ringtone/wallpaper, and more. Agree to iVision Mobile’s Terms & Conditions and your campaign is activated right before your eyes.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 16. Aren’t there strict rules and guidelines for mobile messaging campaigns?

A. YES, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has developed best practices guidelines for mobile messaging campaigns. However, with iVision Mobile you don’t have to worry. All iVision Mobile campaigns are pre-programmed to adhere to ALL Mobile Marketing Association guidelines for Best Practices.

Once you decide on the type of mobile campaign, iVision Mobile’s messaging software will guide you through the proper single or double Opt-in process. Every message sent to an Opt-in user will automatically contain the proper message footer (Txt STOP 2 Quit. Std rates apply).
Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 17. What is a shortcode?

A. All mobile campaigns operate on a common short code that is approved by mobile carriers. Short codes
can be unique or random 4-6 digit numbers and can be acquired through US Common Short Codes Associaton for $500-$1000/month.
Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 18. Do I need to obtain a common shortcode to start mobile messaging?

A. The answer is NO.
iVision Mobile provides a shared shortcode environment, in which each customer uses unique keywords on the same short code "59925". You still have the powerful two-way messaging capabilities using our Interactive Replies feature without the added cost of paying for a shortcode.

Bulk SMS

iVision Mobile provides Bulk SMS solutions for businesses, both large and small. Users can send text messages (SMS messages), mms messages, and create interactive mobile campaigns with iVision Mobile’s easy to use web-based Bulk SMS.

Our flexible and user-friendly Bulk SMS lets you send sms text messages and mobile alerts, conduct mobile advertising, engage customers with voting, polling, text to screens, surveys and mobile coupons. You can also deliver mobile content like ring tones, wallpapers, video, and much more..

iVision Mobile empowers companies across all industries including healthcare, automotive, sporting, religious, nightclubs/restaurants, debt collection, advertising agencies and more with innovative Bulk SMS campaigns. iVision Mobile’s messaging tools let users send one-on-one text messages and appointment reminders, manage interactive mobile campaigns, and launch bulk sms messaging to opt-in lists. iVision Mobile’s software is built with powerful reporting and a sophisticated CRM system to manage your data.

Our Bulk SMS suite is comprised of several products, each providing a unique set of tools which enable quick and easy management of messaging campaigns. Select from the following:
Easy to use web-based

Bulk SMS

platform. Use iMessenger to create all types of interactive

Bulk SMS

& engaging SMS campaigns.
Click here for learn more...
iTRS - Text Reminder System
The iTRS system is a one on one Bulk SMS  platform that allows for the easy creation and deployment of appointment reminders and SMS notifications.
Click here for learn more...
  iDealership for Car Dealers
The iDealership solution increases customer retention and satisfaction by providing timely service alerts, mobilizes inventory using

Bulk SMS

and mobile WAP pages.
Click here for learn more...
Text to Screen
Engage your audience with real time Text to Screen and voting/polling capabiligies using our provided Text to screen application
Click here for learn more...
  Drop & Go
The Drop&Go

Bulk SMS

delivery system is a turnkey solution for deploying enterprise-level messaging to pre-specified contacts lists.
Click here for learn more...
iPayText Mobile Commerce
iVision Mobile's iPayText text message payment solution enables secure and easy ordering and/or purchasing from your mobile phone.
Click here for learn more...
  Private Label Reseller
Private Labeling allows you to market our products as your own. By re-branding the product, you can charge whatever makes sense for your project .
Click here for learn more...
Free To End User (FTEU)
Free to End User messaging is the newest and most promising text messaging delivery method for key business sectors.
Click here for learn more...

SMS Gateway

Has your organization developed custom back-end software? Leverage our custom SMS gateway for receiving and sending SMS messages via a short code. iVIsion Mobile's fully-functional SMS gateway bypass the expensive and time-consuming short code provisioning process required by cell carriers.

Messages can be sent quickly and easily when using the iVision Mobile, Inc. SMS gateway by integrating directly with our custom APIs. We support .NET web service, HTTP, REST, SOAP, and XML format for any language such as microsoft ASP, ASPX, PHP, and Java.

If you have an existing form or data source that you wish to integrate into your account, we offer a series of APIs that connect your system to ours. Specific API categories include:

Data Import - The Data Import API allows you to use your own subscriber forms to capture new data and seamlessly integrate such entries into your iVisionMobile account. This can be done either via HTTP Post or our Web Services option. Any data that is captured via your form can be added to your iVisionMobile account and will be automatically appended to the contact record when changes are made.

Data Export - For those that need to export data to their own databases, we offer a Data Out API. The Data Out API can send contacts data and messaging logs to update your internal database.

Messaging - Send SMS campaigns without having to log into iVisionMobile.  Simply load the content into the API request along with the intended recipient list and the campaign will be delivered to your optin contacts.

Reporting - Retrieve campaign and subscriber information without having to log into iVisionMobile Results can be generated both as a CSV or as an XML feed.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Text Alerts Immediacy
Mobile campaigns are easy to create and message delivery to recipients can be done in a matter of seconds.
Text Alerts High Reach
The number of mobile phone subscribers is growing at a phenomenal rate. More than 70% of the population carries their phone with them at all times.
Text Alerts High Response
Research shows that mobile marketing receives a response rate of 20-70% depending on the campaign and audience. Traditional direct mailing for instance receives a 1% response rate.
Text Alerts Cost Effective
The cost for mobile marketing is very affordable. The amount of money saved includes that which you would pay
for printing, mailing, office staff, etc.
Text Alerts Mobility
Customers will receive your message anytime, anywhere.
Text Alerts Engaging
The interactive nature of mobile marketing makes it one of the most engaging mediums available. A great example
is American Idol and their use of mobile marketing to engage fans with voting.
Text Alerts Powerful Database Generation
People are given the option to opt-in to a mobile marketing campaign. By opting-in these potential customers are
not only showing interest in your current promotion, you now have a database of potential customers for future
Text Alerts Cutting Edge
Customers appreciate companies that are innovative and offer something new and different. It is a great way to
separate you from the competition.

SMS Software

Mobile Marketing and Text Messaging Software Platform
iMessenger is an easy to use text messaging software platform that allows small, medium, and large enterprises to independently create and control interactive mobile marketing campaigns. The patent-pending web-based software platform enables our clients to leverage a wide range of toolsets designed to maximize ROI by complimenting a company’s overall marketing strategy.

iMessenger empowers innovators and forward thinkers across multiple industries including professional sports, radio and communication, consumer brands, advertising agencies, automotive, entertainment, and nightlife. The iMessenger text messaging software and mobile marketing platform includes powerful reporting for thorough analysis of mobile campaigns. Users can also download comprehensive sent and received messaging logs.

The iMessenger platform is augmented by a core set of products that target additional niche markets such as collections, automotive, real estate, healthcare and medicine.

Touted by many industry insiders as one of the most advanced and cost-effective mobile marketing solutions, the robust iMessenger 

text messaging software

 supports the following:
Mobile Campaign Management
• Easy to use campaign composer
• Targeted text message broadcasts
• Scheduled & Time delay messaging options
• Personalization with custom contact data
• RSS Feed integration into text messages
• Social Networking integration (FB, Myspace, & Twitter)
Mobile Content delivery (ringtones, wallpaper, video)
Text Voting & Polling
Text Message Alerts
Mobile Coupons (Static, Dynamic, and 2D)
Mobile Trivia & Surveys
Real-time Text to Screen
Text to Win - Contests & Sweepstakes
Text message appointment reminders
Emergency Notifications
Custom Mobile Webpage Builder
• Email and SMS Notification on inbound messages
• Automated Opt-Out processing
Mobile Contacts Data Management / CRM
• Create and manage target lists
• Customize data fields and preferences
• Modify view settings
• Custom opt-in web forms and widgets

Mobile Messaging Reporting / Analytics
• Real-time message delivery stats
• Detailed message status reports
• Premium SMS reporting
• Historical campaign reporting
• Custom reporting services

User Account Management
• Create multiple sub-user accounts
• Set user permissions and restrictions
• Customize time zone preferences

Platform Customization
Click on images to view screenshots
Realtime Inbox

The iMessenger Inbox lets users view incoming messsages as they are received in real time. The inbox features an automatic-refresh option, search filter capabilities, adjustable views per page, and a date range filter. In addition, users can easily click on a mobile number to send a one-off message to that contact, or manually optout a contact from receiving future messages.
CRM System / Target List Creator

iMessenger provides a built in CRM system to manager customer data. Build your contacts list by importing a .CSV file with existing data, manually adding contacts one by one, or have people text a keyword to join your mobile campaign. Once the contacts are in the system, use the Target List Creator to segment your contacts into targeted distribution lists.
CRM System / Database Fields

iMessenger's CRM System is designed to allow users to customize their data settings. Every iVision Mobile client collects and manages specific data to their business. The Database Settings allow users to select which of data fields are being used and also allows them to create up to 10 custom fields of data.
Mobile Campaign Composer

iMessenger's mobile campaign composer allows users to independently create, activate, monitor, and control interactive

mobile marketing 

campaigns. Create text messaging campaigns such as alerts & notifications, text voting and polling, Text to Win, real time text to screen, mobile content delivery and more.
LIVE Message Monitor

The LIVE Message Monitor allows users to monitor a text message vote or poll in real-time and view results as they come in. The LIVE monitor will automatically poll the answers and provide reporting capabilties. Users can then easily send a confirmation text message to a single, or multiple winners.
Mobile Summary Report

The Mobile Summary Report provides a thorough anyalysis of any mobile campaign or combination of mobile campaign. View a sent/received timeline chart, overview of contacts opted in, messages received, and sent delivery reports in one comprehensive summary.
iVision Mobile's unique software has all the safeguards built in to ensure that every Mobile campaign adheres to the Mobile Marketing Associaton's Best Practices guidelines.

Short Codes

A short code is a 4-6 digit number that is used to delivery and receive text messages and mobile content belonging to your mobile campaign. iVision Mobile supports both shared and dedicated short code environments for clients and can handle all aspects of the short code provisioning process with the carriers.

To read our Short Code FAQs, click here. For information on Canadian short codes click here.


Text to 'WIN' nationwide with the Weekly Top 40 Countdown. Rick Dees is giving away gas, ipods, laptops, and more...Listen to the show, when you hear the question text "WIN" to 5-9-9-2-5 and select your answer. Winners are chosen randomly.

Start Date: 2/01/2008 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 8/18/2008


Text To Save! Surprise your kids with the real Coke® taste of Coke Zero™, then text "WOW" to 59925 to get your Coke Zero™ coupon code for special savings.

If you don't like to text from your phone you can get a code by email here

Then go here and enter the code
Start Date: 6/20/2008 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 8/18/2008


The "Philips Simplicity Parking Program," developed by Carat, enables shoppers to send a text message to a designated number once they park their car. Drivers will then receive a message on their phone with information on where they parked. More info:

Start Date: 12/01/2007 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 12/20/2007

20369 (20FOX) - 20 Century Fox - Ice Age 2 Wallpaper - Movies - Free

Get a FREE wallpaper for your cell phone of Scrat, the famous squirrel/rat mix from Ice Age 2, courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Simply text SCRAT to 20369. More info:

Start Date: 03/01/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 03/15/2006

22565 (CCLOL) - Comedy Central - Jokes - $3.99 month

Comedy Central offers two short code keyword services available to Sprint/Nextel, Cingular/AT&T and Verizon customers:
1) Text JOKE to 22565 to subscribe to Joke-Of-The-Day.
2) Text DAILY or TDS to 25565 to subscribe to headlines from The Daily Show.
Both services charge a fee of $3.99/month and you can cancel anytime by texting END.
Virgin Mobile subscribers - don't fret, while CC doesn't offer the above services you can enjoy exclusive ringtones, trivia, and Call-A-Comic. Click on the link for info. More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 02/25/2006

22788 (CBSTV) - CBS - Entertainment - varies

Used for periodic promotions and interaction with popular CBS programs.

Some specific campaigns include:
Text SPLN to 22788 to purchase a subscription to CBS' SportsLine Mobile. Get schedules, scores, player alerts, team notices and much more on your phone. More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 01/29/2005

22922 - Mobizzo - Entertainment - Varies

Mobizzo offers hundreds of ringtones, games, wallpaper and screensavers for your mobile device, including exclusive content from popular movies and tv shows like Family Guy and Napoleon Dynamite. Compatible with most phones in the U.S. Search for content online. Buy individually or get a subscription plan and manage your subscription using short code 22922.
For service: 800-689-6004 More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 11/12/2006

23888 (BETTV) - BET Network - Entertainment - Free

Send keyword "BET" to 23888 and receive free access to BET's mobile offerings, including ringtones, wallpaper, artist trivia and much more. More info:

Start Date: 12/07/2005 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 12/28/2005

2653 (COKE) - Coke Rewards - Rewards - Free

Earn MyCokeRewards by texting bottle cap and 12-pack codes to 2653. Register online first at or text a code and then register online within 72 hours. Complete instructions and rules are at the link below. More info:

Start Date: 02/28/2006 | End Date: 12/31/2006 | Posted: 03/16/2006

27286 - Bravo - Project Runway - Entertainment - Free

Get exclusive behind-the-scenes gossip & show info sent to your phone from the Project Runway contestants. Receive three in-show messages and a reminder each week. Just text PR to 27286 (BRAVO) to opt-in for the messages. You will then be required to text PST if you are in the Pacific time zone, or NP if you are not. Text RUNWAYEND to opt-out anytime. More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 07/16/2006

3003 - American Idol Vote Number Reminders - Music - Free

Cingular customers only!!!
Sign up to receive text message reminders of each week's voting codes. They will be sent to you once voting opens in your time zone. Simply text AI to 3003 on your Cingular Wireless phone. More info:

Start Date: 02/21/2006 | End Date: 04/28/2006 | Posted: 02/21/2006

33992 - Jessica Simpson "A Public Affair" Promos - Entertainment - Free

Text JESS to 33992 and receive a phone number you can call to hear Jessica's title track single. You will also receive the following instructions for downloading a ringtone and Jessica Simpson alerts: Reply TONE to buy the song's ringtone and reply JOIN to get Jessica updates. More info:

Start Date: 06/30/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 07/16/2006

42278 (4CAST) - The Weather Channel 36-hour Forecast - Weather - $0.30

Simply text your chosen zip code or city/town name to 42278. The first time you do so, you will be asked to confirm the $0.30 per message charge. TWC also offers specialized marine, pollen and baseball forecasts. Airport delays are also available. Texting different keywords provides the different options. More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 11/10/2005

42388 (4AETV) - A&E - King of Cars - Entertainment - Free

"King of Cars" is a new A&E series that takes viewers on a thrillride into the crazy, cutthroat world of car sales by profiling one of the most successful car dealerships in the nation, a Las Vegas shop run by mastermind fast-talker and quick-thinker, "Chop". Part of the show airs 30 sec commercials created by viewers and mobile users will be able to vote for their favorites. Opt-in to receive weekly messages from Chop by texting CHOP to 42388 (4AETV). King of Cars premieres Tuesday, April 4 at 10pm/9C on A&E. More info:

Start Date: 04/04/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 03/29/2006

46645 (GOOGL) - Google - Search - Free

Goggle SMS provides quick, easy access to local business listings, movie times, weather conditions, stock quotes, product prices, dictionary definitions and more. Simply send your search request in any one of a number of formats to 46645. You will receive a response within a minute or two that may consist of multiple "pages" or text screens. Examples: "pizza richmond va", "weather 23233", "dell", "who wrote hamlet", and "price ipod 20gb". More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 11/10/2005

46872 (GOUSA) - USA Today - Contest - $0.50

"Text & Win" - Express your opinion and be entered to win fabulous weekly and grand prizes. Pick up a USA Today and respond to daily polling questions posted in the publication by texting 46872, or GOUSA, with your pick. More info:

Start Date: 09/26/2005 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 11/10/2005

47624 (GQMAG) - GQ Magazine - Special Interest - Free

Subscribe to GQ Magazine alerts for free and receive periodic info on contests, giveaways, shopping nights, private sales and other events. The current URL has the details until the service goes live in March, then will point the URL to GQ's own info about the short code service. More info:

Start Date: 03/01/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 02/24/2006

47669 (4SONY) - Sony Pictures Ringtones, Games, Wallpaper - Ringtones - varies

Enjoy more of your favorite Sony movies on your mobile phone. Purchase ringtones, games, and wallpaper for "Rent", "Spider Man", "The Pink Panther", and more. Some items can be purchased from your phone by texting the movie name to 47669. More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 02/25/2006

47988 - Allure Free Sample Reminders - Rewards - Free

Enter EVERYDAY for your chance to win any one of 16,100 FREE samples of Allure products. Get a daily contest entry reminder sent to your phone by texting FREE STUFF to 47988. More info:

Start Date: 08/01/2006 | End Date: 08/31/2006 | Posted: 08/03/2006

48433 - DIRECTV - Entertainment - Free

Send messages to display on the screen of DIRECTV channel 100, established as a dedicated Hurricane Katrina help channel with info from FEMA, American Red Cross and other organizations. Messages texted to 48433 can help individuals find family members, encourage others and more. More info:

Start Date: 09/02/2005 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 02/25/2006

5005 - American Idol Trivia - Trivia - Free

Cingular customers only!
Sign up for weekly trivia questions testing your knowledge of American Idol facts. Score points for your correct answers and the high scorers will be shown online. Simply text AI to 5005 on your Cingular Wireless phone. More info:

Start Date: 02/21/2006 | End Date: 04/28/2006 | Posted: 02/21/2006

59595 - NBC's "Deal Or No Deal" Play At Home - Contest - $0.99 / entry

Play along with the show from the comfort of your home for a chance to win $10,000. Simply watch "Deal Or No Deal" on NBC and then text your chosen case number to 59595, before the case is opened. The winner will randomly be chosen from those that correctly picked the Lucky Case. You can enter up to ten (10) times per show. There is a charge of $0.99 per entry. Only open to residents of the continental United States age 18 or over. More info:

Start Date: 02/27/2006 | End Date: 06/08/2006 | Posted: 03/01/2006

62288 - Bravo "Top Chef" Reality Competition - Entertainment - Free

Find out what the competitors on Bravo's reality cooking show, "Top Chef", are really thinking when on and off camera. Simply text TC to 62288 and be registered for free text messages, up to five per show, from the contestants as they text you what they are thinking. You will also receive a reminder about the show prior to each airing. Standard message rates do apply. More info:

Start Date: 03/08/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 03/07/2006

62288 (NBCTV) - NBC - Entertainment - Free

Get SMS and content about NBC programming. Content and use of short code may vary depending on promotion.
UPDATE 03/21/06: Receive text messages from Donald Trump and his Apprentice candidates telling you what they were thinking while you watch the show. Text APP to 62288. You will receive a confirmation email requesting your time zone, ex: ET for Eastern. For details, go to More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 01/29/2006

62931 - McDonalds Tulsa - Mobile Hunt & Coupons - Contest - Free

Get In The Hunt! If you visit Tulsa, OK area McDonalds, then they have a game for you. Earn a $5 gift card by participating in a mobile scavenger hunt using your cell phone. To get started, simply text "HUNT" to 62931. Also, see short code 73260. More info:

Start Date: 04/06/2006 | End Date: 05/31/2006 | Posted: 04/07/2006

64249 - Merck - HPV/Cervical Cancer Facts - Info - Free

Text FACTS to 64249 and receive periodic facts & critical info about human papillomavirus (HPV) and its relation to cervical cancer. Merck then invites you to visit for additional info. More info:

Start Date: 08/01/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 08/10/2006

65246 (MLBGO) - Major League Baseball - Sports - $3.99 year

Mobile Playoff Alerts - Don't miss the big game! Text "PLAYOFFS" message to 65246 and receive in-game score updates, lead change notifications, injury updates, league news, trivia, games, contests and discounts throughout the Major League Baseball Playoff Season. More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 01/29/2006

69772 (MYSPC) - MySpace - Special Interest - Free

Sign up for text alerts to your phone notifying you of new blog posts and more regarding your MySpace account. Sign up online, then simply text STOP to 69772 at any time to cease receipt of the alerts. More info:

Start Date: 02/27/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 03/08/2006

73807 - Nancy Drew Mystery Text Game - Games - Free

Help Nancy Drew solve mysteries! Play the Nancy Drew Mystery Text Game. Watch the trailer to the movie and then text PLAY to 73807. More info:

Start Date: 05/23/2007 | End Date: 07/15/2007 | Posted: 05/24/2007

7777 - NFL Mobile on Sprint - Sports - Free

Download NFL Mobile from Sprint for FREE when you have a Sprint Power Vision pack. Get exclusive same-day video highlights, real-time game-day fantasy player tracking, official player stats and news, official score alerts, real-time NFL game casts, exclusive video-on-demand clips, and live streaming broadcast of the NFL Network channel. To get started, text NFL to 7777. Sprint customers only. More info:

Start Date: 08/01/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 09/24/2006

7777 - Sprint Mobile eBay Trial - Auctions - Free

Sprint and Nextel customers only and requires certain data plans.
Try eBay's mobile application allowing you to search for items, bid and get alerts when outbid or item is won. Text EBAY to 7777. More info:

Start Date: 03/13/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 09/24/2006

843488 (THEHUT) - Pizza Hut - Cheesy Hunt Contest - Contest - Free

Pizza Hut television ads will contain secret codes. Find the codes and text them to THEHUT (843488) for your chance to win one of hundreds of prizes. Contest runs 2/4/07 - 3/24/07. One entry per mobile number per day. Register online for reminder alerts and code hunting tips. More info:

Start Date: 02/04/2007 | End Date: 03/24/2007 | Posted: 02/01/2007

87654 - Cingular March Madness Alerts & More - Sports - Free

Cingular customers ONLY! - Get NCAA March Madness scores, stats, news, alerts, videos and more. Text SHOT to 87654 to get started. More info:

Start Date: 03/14/2006 | End Date: 04/15/2006 | Posted: 03/15/2006

88398 - American Airlines 10% Off Chicago - Advertising - Free

Between Oct. 24 and Nov. 19, 2006, residents of Chicago can receive a one-time 10% discount off their next American Airlines trip, booked at, by text messaging the word "WORLD" to 88398. Travel must be ticketed by December 19, 2006 with travel completed by March 31, 2007, and the trip must originate from Chicago. More info:

Start Date: 10/24/2006 | End Date: 11/19/2006 | Posted: 10/26/2006

92466 (YAHOO) - Yahoo! - Search - Free

Yahoo! features an extensive, quick and easy to use SMS search tool.  Horoscopes, weather conditions, zip codes, area codes, wi-fi hotspots, word definitions and more can be sent to your phone simply by sending your request to 92466. Yahoo! accepts your search text in a variety of abbreviated and extended formats, such as: "definition beauty" or "d beauty", "zip code boston", "wifi 23233", and "quote YHOO". More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 11/10/2005

94733 (WIRED) - Wired Magazine Mobile - Entertainment - Free

Join WIRED Mobile for free and receive exclusive invitations, special offers and editorial features - all via text messaging. For a limited time, when you text WIRED to 94733, you will receive an invitation to win a powerful BeoSound 3 entertainment device from Bang & Olufsen. More info:

Start Date: 08/06/2006 | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 09/24/2006

96966 (XMXMM) - XM Radio - Music - Free

If you would like to request a song on one of the decade stations, such as the 70's or 80's, just text the decade number to 96966. More info:

Start Date: Unknown | End Date: Unknown | Posted: 11/10/2005

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