Account Management


Dedicated Account Management

We understand that every company, brand, and marketer is unique. That's why we provide multiple account management options to help you best utilize the iVision platform.

You can use iVision as a "Do It Yourself" software. You can also have us plan, manage, and execute your mobile communications for you. Or, we can work together as a team to develop and execute your mobile communication efforts. Whatever your needs are, we've got you covered!

I Want To Do It Myself

If you have the resources and experience with mobile communications, we can train you on our intuitive messaging platform. Then, we'll hand you the keys and play a supportive role as you manage and execute your own mobile campaigns. You'll have access to telephone and email support, plus a comprehensive set of knowledge base tutorials that are available at anytime in the software platform.

Let's Do It Together

The best of both worlds! We combine forces in a collaborative approach to manage and execute your mobile communications. Our teams work together to define strategic responsibilities and share in the overall management and execution of your mobile strategy. As you become more advanced and your comfort level grows, roles can evolve and shift.

You Do It For Me

Leverage our experience and knowledge. We will do it all. We are responsible for developing a mobile strategy, creating content, setting up your program, executing and overseeing the mobile campaign, optimizing and analysis.


Mobile Strategy - Key Components & Responsibilities

Planning & Design

Our mobile experts work closely with you to develop a comprehensive mobile strategy that meets your business goals and objectives.

Content Creation

We'll help you develop content that keeps your contacts engaged and encourages them to take action. We utilize message personalization amongst other powerful features to drive results and increase participation.

Execution & Oversight

We work with you to ensure your mobile campaigns are being executed seamlessly and are compliant with the Carrier Guidelines and FCC's TCPA requirements.

We monitor your mobile campaigns across all channels and can make adjustments to increase response and participation rates.

Reporting & Analysis

We will monitor your campaigns while they are active and will also provide you success metrics following completion of your campaigns. You'll also receive consultative feedback and recommendations on your programs.

We can also send you automated reporting on a weekly or monthly basis.