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The opportunity in mobile is REAL — you know that! In order to capitalize on the opportunity, you need to partner with a best-in-class mobile communications platform. iVision is the industry's most intuitive, powerful and robust cloud-based mobile platform built on over a decade of mobile communications experience..

One platform powering all mobile channels

An effective mobile communications strategy encompasses a variety of ways to connect with your customers. With these new opportunities come new requirements to easily manage communication with your customers through text, MMS, digital kiosks, and mobile web. On top of that, every mobile touchpoint must be personalized. iVision is the only platform you need to accomplish this.


iVision mobile communications platform - responsive design

Responsive Design

The iVision platform is designed in responsive CSS allowing users to login and manage their accounts from their mobile device, tablets or computers with one seamless user experience.

As more and more users manage their accounts remotely, it's important for iVision to provide customers with a seamless user experience across multiple devices.

Top-notch Code


iVision packs a TON of features into a USER-FRIENDLY cloud-based SaaS platform. In just a few minutes you can activate your mobile campaign and start seeing results!

iVision makes it SIMPLE to get started with your mobile initiatives. We have all the tools to help you succeed.

iVision Mobile platform advanced features

Advanced Features

NO other mobile platform in the industry offers as many Advanced Features as iVision. Believe us - we've checked!

iVision offers a comprehensive array of Advanced Features that offer users the EDGE in executing powerful mobile communications strategies.

comprehensive mobile reports

Comprehensive Reports

Look no further than your REPORTS tab for powerful insights into your mobile communications.

Gain access to Messaging Logs, Contact Summaries, Delivery Reports, Keyword Summaries, and more with our powerful reporting options. Some reports can be setup to email automatically in PDF format.

Easier Conversion

Built-In CRM

A powerful built-in CRM tool compliments the iVision cloud-based mobile communications platform. The CRM offers a customizable web-form designed for list building online and on Facebook fan pages, powerful targeting based on demographic data and more unique contact management features.



iVision Mobile offers a complete toolset of products designed to increase revenue, build customer engagement, and generate powerful opt-in databases for users. Offer a combination of these products to your clients and maximize your revenue streams.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is by far our most popular product! We offer an easy to use web-based Text Messaging Software platform. Use our software tool to create all types of interactive mobile marketing and engaging messaging campaigns.

Loyalty Kiosk

Leverage iVision Mobile's NEW 'Do It Yourself' Kiosk Software to design a custom kiosk experience for your customers, enabling them to join a mobile club, redeem a coupon, or check into a loyalty program.

Reminder System

The Text Reminder System is a one-on-one messaging platform that allows for the easy creation and deployment of appointment reminders as well as one time and recurring text message notifications.

Reputation Management

Generate powerful reviews and mitigate negative reviews using our reputation management add-on feature.

Mobile Wallet

Activate powerful mobile wallet campaigns for Google (Android) & Apple Pay and utilize cutting-edge geofencing capabilities not available using text messaging.

WiFi Marketing Hotspot

Use your business WiFi to engage your customers and build a powerful opt-in database with our WiFi marketing hotspot devices and proximity sensors.


To have a successful mobile communications strategy, you need the right partner that you can trust to help achieve those results! Our team of experts brings 10+ years of

mobile communications

experience using the best technology platform in the industry.