Mobile Wallet

Integrate With G-Pay (Android) & Apple Pay

The Mobile Wallet Is The Next Frontier In Consumer Mobile Engagement

iVision Mobile's powerful technology lets users deliver unique mobile coupons that can be saved directly into a mobile wallet on a subscriber's phone. When a consumer downloads a mobile wallet pass it opens up a more direct channel of real-time communication with that contact.

Mobile Wallet Features

  • Cross-Handset Support - Our unique mobile wallet solution is supported across both Android and Apple products and devices..

  • Real Time Targeting - Once a subscriber downloads your mobile wallet pass, you gain powerful geotargeting capabilities that let you trigger targetedmessages to the subscriber's phone based on their geographic location.

  • Living & Breathing - Make changes to your wallet pass data within the system and it will automatically update across all the mobile handsets that have downloaded that pass.

  • Push Notifications - Send time sensitive push notifications through the mobile wallet to handsets that have downloaded a mobile wallet pass.