Canadian Short Codes

Canadian Short Codes

A Short Code (also called Common Short Code - CSC) is a special 5-6 digit number which is used for all legitimate mobile marketing and text messaging communication in Canada. These numbers are used as a way to enable fair use of mobile messaging to the benefit of consumers and companies offering products and services to wireless subscribers through mobile messages.
A CSC is required to run mobile messaging services. In other words, short codes must go through an approval process with each carrier before they are approved to delivery and receive text messages through that respective carrier's gateway.
In Canada the central manging party of short codes is CWTA. Wireless carriers in respective countries chose these organizations to administer the applications, issuing, and oversight of CSCs.
Short Codes
  • 5 Digits
    • 10000 to 39999
    • 50000 to 99999
  • 6 Digits
    • 100000 to 399999
    • 500000 to 999999

Long Codes

  • 8 Digits
    • 30000001 to 30000999
There are two types - Short code and Long code. The difference is that long codes are 8-digit codes assigned in sequential order.
  • Common Short code: $500CAD for first 3 months. $350CAD in month 4 to end of 1st year.
  • Common Long code: $500CAD for first 3 months. $250CAD in month 4 to end of 1st year.
*Canadian Short code programs are assigned for a maximum of 1 year. Prior to the 1 year expiration, you can re-apply for the same code.
You can apply directly with the issuing authority..

Alternatively, iVision Mobile can work with your organization to complete and manage your application. When you apply you will need to submit a "brief" outlining details about your intent, price, opt-in/opt-out processes, estimated volume and many other details.

In most cases it takes 6-10 weeks depending on the number and type of programs that will be running on the short code.
Once you get a short code you will need:
  1. Telecom grade infrastructure and connectivity to all wireless networks in the country in which you plan to run your campaign.
  2. Management software that will automate opt-in/opt-out and all other messaging processes.
  3. Marketing and promotion of your campaign so that you can maximize its benefit to you.
If you partner with iVision Mobile we can provide you with a turn key solution for items 1, 2 and 3. We can also work with you to define business and marketing strategy so that you can maximize benefits of your campaigns.
iVision Mobile supports both a shared and dedicated short code environment. iVision Mobile offers multiple shared short codes for clients. Alternatively, clients may choose to obtain a dedicated short code.