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Loyalty Kiosk
Create and deploy an easy to use stand alone digital kiosk display
Text Message Appointment Scheduling & Reminder System
Text to Screen
Engage Audiences At Live Events With Real-Time Text To Screen
Drop & Go
Drag and Drop your data file for turnkey enterprise message deployment
Mobile Solutions for Car Dealerships
Private Label Reseller
Learn about our Private Label Reseller License
Custom Nav2.0 Framework
Customize the look and feel of your messaging software
Free To End User (FTEU)
Mobile marketing and text messaging communications for key business sectors
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Mobile Messaging TLC   Mobile Messaging TRC
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iMessenger: Mobile Platform
iTRS: Text Reminder System
iDealership: for Car Dealers
Real-Time Text To Screen
Drop&Go: Enterprise Solutions
Free to End User (FTEU)
Nav2.0 Custom Framework
Loyalty Kiosk Software
Private Label Mobile Marketing

Private Label SMS Software & White Label SMS Solutions

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Start your own Mobile Marketing Business!

iVision Mobile's patent pending

text messaging software and

mobile marketing products are available as a private label version. This is a version that does not show our company information or company logo, but shows yours. You get to name the program, display your logo, customize it for your colors and your defaults, and in general, market and sell a program that comes from your company as if you wrote it.

Private Labeling allows you to market our products as your own. By re-branding the product, you can charge whatever makes sense for your business - without worrying about being competitive with our prices. Complete rebranding removes ANY mention of iVision Mobile or even the original name of the product.

iVision Mobile is a leader in the Mobile Marketing industry and focuses on par tnering with successful clients to build strong relationships. We provide ALL of the essential components to build a profitable business: great software, training, support, and best practices. Regardless of your business challenges - technical, strategic, sales, or marketing - iVision Mobile has the resources to help.

Mobile marketing and communications is the right business at the right time. Many of our resellers are starting this business while still employed or operating their existing businesses. The key is return-on-investment. Few alternatives will give you such a scalable, profitable model as ours. The monthly fees are very inexpensive, and the monthly income can grow as high as you want. This quickly becomes a high margin business with a recurring income- the best possible combination! If you combine the great revenue model with the demand for mobile marketing services- this package is a winner!

Private Label Reseller License Includes:
- iMessenger - Mobile marketing platform and text messaging software
- iTRS (text reminder system) - One-on-One communication and text messaging reminder system
- Access to iVision Mobile marketing materials
- 24/7 Hosting & Support
- 4-hour training seminar
- Software Upgrades

For pricing information on the private label reseller license, please complete this form and someone from our office will contact you to answer your questions.

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  iVision Mobile's partners allow our clients to deliver interactive mobile marketing and text messaging content to 255+ million mobile subscribers in the US and access to the world's largest mobile transaction network (440 operators in 180 countries around the world).

Millions of text messages and downloads have been reliably processed from mobile subscribers over the iVision Mobile Marketing Web-based platform. Scalability, redundancy, and security are the foundation of the platform, relied upon by thousands of marketers, SMS providers and enablers and emergency administrators. LA New Years Eve Ldmstudio Directory BNLB Directory
Contact us for all your mobile marketing and text messaging needs at (866) 655-5302

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