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More than 1 Billion Messages Sent!

sms marketing no contracts
NO Contracts. Flexible Pricing

iVision Mobile's

SMS Marketing Software

has NO long term contracts and allows you to easily upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time based on your messaging needs.

sms marketing customer service
White Glove Customer Support

While many messaging platforms charge more, our team provides hands-on customer support for users, regardless of plan type. Let us show you what true customer support is really like.

sms marketing powerful software
Powerful & Intuitive Software


mobile marketing

and communications platform is loaded with features, yet intuitive and user-friendly for any business owner or operator to manage.

What Our Customers Have To Say

sms marketing testimonial for retail

Retail Boutiques Leverage Texting To Drive Revenues

Multiple LA-based clothing boutiques have leveraged text messaging communications to drive sales and increase retention with their customers.

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sms marketing for med spas

Med Spa Uses Texting For Critical Business Communications

Calabasas Med Spa uses business texting for patient communication, loyalty rewards, and time sensitive alerts about business operations.

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sms marketing for restaurants

Pizza Franchise Generates +2,000% ROI With SMS Marketing

Pizza Pie Cafe, a multi-location pizza franchise, generated substantial ROI with mobile coupons and a digital loyalty rewards program across their locations.

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SMS & MMS Messaging Automation, At Scale

A series of advanced tools are available to help you automate your messaging strategy so you don't have to manually create and send every message.

Automate Messaging, Notifications, & Reports

Time Delay, Auto Engage, Trigger Messaging, and Drop & Go are just some of the unique automation tools available to you. Our platform also allows for easy automation of inbound message notifications and different system reports.

sms marketing white label
sms marketing white label

User Role Management For Teams

Manage multiple levels of user access and permissions with customizable menus and permission features that let you restrict as much or as little of the functionality based on the user's role within your organization.


3rd Party Software Integration

Integrate iVision Mobile's system capabilities with your existing software tools. This can include POS systems, E-Commerce Sites, Contact Managememt Systems, and more.

sms marketing white label

Our Mobile Solutions

iVision Mobile offers a complete toolset of products designed to increase revenue, build customer engagement, and generate powerful opt-in databases for users. Offer any combination of these products to your clients and maximize your revenue streams.


SMS & MMS Messaging Platform

Our powerful SMS platform is our most popular product! We offer a user-friendly messaging dashboard for creating all types of interactive mobile marketing and engaging messaging programs in minutes. Anything from automated messaging to mobile coupons and custom web forms, the dashboard is web-based and can be accessed from any device.

sms marketing white label
loyalty rewards kiosk

Loyalty Rewards Digital Kiosk System

Other messaging platforms do NOT have this technology! A Digital Kiosk is CRITICAL to your in-store mobile initiatives. The Digital Kiosk technology increases in-store POS opt-in rates by 500-1,000% over traditional mobile marketing programs. The digital kiosk lets businesses engage customers with powerful loyalty rewards program that track user visits and drive additional revenues.


Become a White Label SMS Software Reseller

Turn mobile marketing solutions into a business. Leverage the iVision Mobile platform to create a recurring revenue stream with unlimited potential.

  Fully customized SaaS software 100% rebranded for your company
  Your clients pay you directly. Automated recurring billing.
  Easily monitor account activities, run reports, and provide managed services to users.
  Upsell a variety of add-on features
  Create unique menu layouts, customize color themes, and more.
  Competitive pricing, no setup or upfront investment required
sms marketing white label
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So Much More Than A Text Messaging Platform

These are just some of the advanced mobile tools iVision Mobile provides to compliment your SMS and MMS messaging strategy. All of these features are available with all of our messaging plans.

Mobile Webpages

Design and build webpages that are mobile friendly. Embed a web form, YouTube video, and more.

Digital Kiosk

Engage in-store customers with a digital kiosk solution and drive opt-in rates 500-1,000% more than traditional mobile marketing.

Mobile Coupons

Powerful visual coupons will help elevate your mobile game. Stay ahead of the competition and deliver visually appealing offers to your contacts.

Winner Selector

Use this tool to randomly select winners for your text to win promotions. Random winner selection can be setup in advance and automated.

Custom Web Forms

Custom and unique web forms help you capture additional opt-in contacts from your website. You can also link to a web form from one of your messages.

URL Shortener

Save on character space in your messages by utilizing our built-in URL shortener and convert lengthy URLs that eat up valuable characters to short ones.

vCard Wizard

Setup a vCard for your business and deliver it to your contacts' phones seamlessly with a link or MMS messages. Contacts click on the link and save your business' contact info right into their phones.

Digital Waitlist

Upgrade your outdated waitlist experience by switching your manual process to a self-service touchless waitlist.

- Learn About Digital Waitlists


The Best SMS Marketing Platform For Your Business!
Scaling Text Messaging To Serve Your Size

You've worked hard to develop your business. Getting the word out to your existing clients while looking for new opportunities to expand your customer base is paramount to your success.

Choosing the best SMS marketing platform can be confusing, but we make it easy for you to grasp - and even easier to implement. Once you do, you'll see your returns, almost immediately.

What Are The Benefits of SMS Marketing?

When you implement a sound SMS marketing strategy the world of business opens up to your fingertips.

That said, it's really not hard at all and we'll walk you all the way through the process, but as mentioned above, if you want us to do it for you- we're happy to do so.

Sending out an SMS blast is easy to do and that's great, but few if any direct marketing channels can beat the ROI on your hard-earned money spent. This is especially true when compared to mailings, both electronic email and to the home that actually annoy your valued customers.

Take a look at what smsmarketingreviews.org has to say about SMS Marketing...

"These SMS marketing statistics highlight several outstanding aspects of using text messages for business promotions, including:

  • Audience size: The widespread use of mobile phones guarantees that branded text messages will reach more people wherever they are.
  • Cost-effective: The high response rate of branded text messages, coupled with relatively low costs, makes this strategy useful for small and large businesses.
  • Greater customer retention: SMS can be delivered to customers anytime, creating a continuous means of engagement.
  • Campaign supplement: Text messaging can be used to supplement other marketing campaigns and boost their effectiveness."
    Cite: smsmarketingreviews.org

When it comes to choosing the very best SMS marketing platform, we've earned our place through innovation, proprietary software and excellent customer service.

How SMS Marketing Works

Incorporating SMS marketing into your business model is much easier than you might think.

  1. Generally, a customer will opt-in to your SMS marketing list. This can be achieved with our client-facing and engaging digital kiosk displays. Or, customers can text to join and even scan a QR code.
  2. Then when you have a special, coupon, birthday wish, or any other offer you'd like to share with your clients, you can set that message up using templates, and then blast that offer out to your entire list or to a targeted group. Of course, we can also do that for you if you wish. The same goes for scheduled messages that your clients will learn to expect.
  3. Enjoy the spike in business! This can be anywhere from 40, to well over 100%. This surge in your business can last for a few days as it slowly trickles off. Results will vary, but of course we will help you achieve your goals by guiding you with the best, well-proven practices to maximize the use of your SMS marketing platform.

Remember, client customers are happy to hear from the businesses they appreciate. You are only marketing to the ones that want to hear from you - so it's not intrusive at all.

The results are profound, super cost effective and immediate...

So why wouldn't you want to use this time and cost effective medium of marketing that has the possibility of replacing all of your other previous efforts?

Take a look at these recent statistics...

"75% of clients want to receive offers via SMS. The CTR rate for offer messages is higher by 9.18% compared to any other digital channel. SMS has a 98% open rate compared to email marketing. 60% of customers read texts within 1-5 minutes after receiving them." Nov 1, 2021 Source: Techjury.net

For the reasons listed above and many more, we know that direct marketing, via SMS is a cost effective way to deliver your offers AND have them read. Of course, when this is done correctly they'll also deliver a fantastic ROI.

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