Messaging Software Features

SMS & MMS Messaging Features

iVision Mobile offers everything you need to engage your audience using SMS and MMS messaging. All of our system features are included with any of our messaging plans.

SMS Short Codes, 10-DLCs, and Text Enabled Toll Free Number

The way that businesses deliver SMS and MMS messages to their contacts has evolved over the years. iVision Mobile has stayed at the forefront of this technology and offers a comprehensive solution to fit your needs.

short code and 10dlc options

Short Codes

5 or 6 digit Short Codes are the "Gold Standard" for high volume commercial text messaging and are the main channel of messaging solutions in the United States and Canada. Our team handles the process of provisioning a new one to make it seamless and fast.

10-Digit Local Codes

Want a more local presence? Register a new 10-Digit Local Code (10-DLC) or text-enable your existing business number directly through our system. 10-DLCs have been gaining traction and legitimacy with the carriers and can now support higher messaging throughput.

Text Enabled Toll-Free #s

Every new iVision Mobile account includes a complimentary Text Enabled Toll-Free number that is DEDICATED to you and has been approved for SMS and MMS messaging at high volumes. Toll-Free numbers are currently our recommended channel for commercial messaging.
Interactive 2-Way Messaging for SMS and MMS
white label sms marketing

2-Way Messaging

Use the iVision Mobile system to communicate 1-on-1 or with mass text messaging to large groups of contacts all at once. Our system supports full two-way conversations with subscribers.

Schedule & Send To Large Groups

Use the iVision Mobile system to communicate one-on-one or with mass text messaging to a large group of contacts all at once. Our system supports full two-way conversations with subscribers.


So Much More Than A Text Messaging Platform

These are just some of the advanced mobile tools iVision Mobile provides to compliment your SMS and MMS messaging strategy. All of these features are available with all of our messaging plans.

Mobile Webpages

Design and build webpages that are mobile friendly. Embed a web form, YouTube video, and more.

Digital Kiosk

Engage in-store customers with a digital kiosk solution and drive opt-in rates 500-1,000% more than traditional mobile marketing.

Mobile Coupons

Powerful visual coupons will help elevate your mobile game. Stay ahead of the competition and deliver visually appealing offers to your contacts.

Winner Selector

Use this tool to randomly select winners for your text to win promotions. Random winner selection can be setup in advance and automated.

Custom Web Forms

Custom and unique web forms help you capture additional opt-in contacts from your website. You can also link to a web form from one of your messages.

URL Shortener

Save on character space in your messages by utilizing our built-in URL shortener and convert lengthy URLs that eat up valuable characters to short ones.

vCard Wizard

Setup a vCard for your business and deliver it to your contacts' phones seamlessly with a link or MMS messages. Contacts click on the link and save your business' contact info right into their phones.

Digital Waitlist

Upgrade your outdated waitlist experience by switching your manual process to a self-service touchless waitlist.

- Learn About Digital Waitlists


3rd Party Software Integration

Integrate iVision Mobile's system capabilities with your existing software tools. This can include POS systems, E-Commerce Sites, Contact Managememt Systems, and more.

sms marketing white label

Build Opted-In Contact Lists

We offer a variety of tools that maximize your reach and build a powerful opted in database of contacts

loyalty rewards kiosk

Digital Kiosk System

Other messaging platforms do NOT have this powerful technology! A Digital Kiosk is CRITICAL to your in-store mobile initiatives. The Digital Kiosk technology increases in-store POS opt-in rates by 500-1,000% over traditional mobile marketing programs. The digital kiosk lets businesses engage customers with loyalty rewards program that increase customer retention, track user visits and drive additional revenues.

Text Keywords

The most common method of building an opted-in contacts list is with a KEYWORD Call to Action that is promoted across your different marketing and communication channels.

Import Contacts

Already have a list of opted-in contacts? Great! You can easily import your list in seconds and start communicating with your audience.

QR Codes

QR Codes are a great tool to incorporate across your communication channels. Give people the option to text a Keyword OR scan a QR code to join your mobile program.

Web Forms

Design fully customizable opt-in web forms that can capture a variety of datapoints. Forms can be easily embedded on a website.
Automate Your Messaging Engagement

Interactive Messages

Contacts will receive your welcome message when they first join a campaign. Interactive time delayed messages allow for automated drip messages that are spaced seconds, minutes, hours, days, or even months apart.

Trigger Messaging

Trigger messaging lets you setup automated messaging interactions based on custom criteria. Triggers can be one time or ongoing with flexible recurring frequency.

Birthday Clubs

Our automated birthday and anniversary alerts take minutes to setup and are a great way to excite your opted-in contacts and reinforce your relationship with them.

Scheduled Texts

Pre-schedule some or all of your message broadcasts in advance. Messages can be personalized, link to digital coupons, ask for responses, and can be delivered as SMS or MMS.

Recurring Alerts

Messages can be setup on a recurring frequency to send on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for any length of time you need.

Inactive Customer Offers

The kiosk auto-engage drives retention by sending automted messages that target customers who have not checked-in to the digital kiosk in a designated number of days.

Manage Your Contact Data And Personalize Your Messaging

A robust Contact Management system allows businesses to manage custom data that is relevant to their organization. Create customizable web forms to gather information from your contacts and build a more complete profile of your subscribers.
sms marketing crm

Custom Data Fields

Manage your data with our standard data fields and create up to 10 additional custom data fields.

Data Capture

Want to gather more data? All you have to do is ask and the system will capture and store the data for that contact.

Target Lists

Segment your contact data into customized target lists for more targeted communication. Target Lists can be static or dynamic in nature.

Become a White Label SMS Software Reseller

Turn mobile marketing solutions into a business. Leverage the iVision Mobile platform to create a recurring revenue stream with unlimited potential.

  Fully customized SaaS software 100% rebranded for your company
  Your clients pay you directly. Automated recurring billing.
  Easily monitor account activities, run reports, and provide managed services to users.
  Upsell a variety of add-on features
  Create unique menu layouts, customize color themes, and more.
  Competitive pricing, no setup or upfront investment required
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