How Could Our Integrated Mobile Emergency Alert System Serve Your Community?

With iVision Mobile's Mobile Emergency Alert System you, or your team, are instantly able to reach your community in seconds with real-time text/sms messaging alerts sent directly to their cell phones- where the chances are best they'll get that important information.

Take a look at these powerful statistics.

"The average open rate of a text message sits at about 99%, with 97% of messages being read within 15 minutes of delivery." Source:

History has shown that emergency email alerts and pre-recorded voice messages may not be received in a life-threatening situation when seconds count!

Text messaging alerts are direct, personal, and can be delivered in seconds to thousands of opt-in recipients. Any other messaging alert system doesn't even come close to the speed and reach of iVision's mobile emergency alert system.

Our custom platform allows emergency response teams to create, send and deliver time-sensitive alerts to community members from almost any computer, or compatible mobile device.

Leverage the power of technology to deliver vital emergency information to your community within seconds- 24/7.

iVision Mobile, Inc.'s messaging suite of tools can be implemented immediately with no upfront costs and is a logical solution for all emergency, or community management teams.

In addition, text message alerts are even a major benefit to the hearing impaired who can communicate quickly and easily with text messages- alerted by vibrations, the hearing impared no longer need special telephone related accessories.

To sign up for our mobile emergency alert system, users can register online or simply by texting a keyword to the short code provided by the program (e.g. Text "ALERT90210" to 55678).