Here Are 5 Fully Customizable Value Adding Mobile Marketing Tools To Share With Your Client/Customers

Mobile & MMS Delivered Digital Coupons

Mobile, or MMS delivered digital couponing is more important now than ever- and can encourage spending all while saving money for consumers. Everyone wins, even the trees.

Mobile coupons are becoming a very popular and effective tool for savvy retailers and provide an unparalleled convenience for their customers.

Almost 90% of consumers used coupons in 2020. Over half of consumers prefer getting coupons and discounts on their mobile devices. Over 142 million US adults redeemed digital coupons in 2020. 68% of consumers believe that digital coupons generate loyalty. Sep 22, 2021 Source:

Integrating mobile coupons with a mobile marketing campaign can provide great incentives and generally yield much higher response rates and this is usually because your customers have signed, or opted-in to receive notices from you and your business.

Mobile coupons can take the form of an easy to design, custom graphic embedded in your SMS message (or, if you prefer a unique link to a digital coupon).

Either way, they're inviting and visually appalling, and can even be customized to the recipient's name. Few things are personalized and highly targeted than that.

The coupon widget we have at iVision is a digital coupon redemption system that will provide your customers with an engaging user experience when redeeming text offers and mobile coupons directly through their mobile device.

This new redemption system can be used in tandem with the existing coupon redemption feature on our digital kiosk. The new digital coupon allows a business to send a text message offer with a traceable unique URL linked to a digital mobile coupon.

The customer then clicks on the URL and browses to a fully customizable digital coupon where they can get more details, redeem the coupon, and share with their friends!

Viral sharing is Mobile Marketing Tools at its height- a great way to increase your reach by leveraging your customers' vast social networks. If you offer them a real value, they'll be sure to not only redeem it, but share it.

In turn, this brings more people into your location and there, they are offered the option of opting-in and receiving their own offer, which again, they will share with their friends.

It's not hard at all to imagine exponential growth, but the system needs to be in place for you to be able to leverage it.

Now we've added a new feature- our Mobile Coupon Referral Tracking System. This makes it even easier for businesses to deliver special offers which can then be shared with others AND tracked as referrals.

The Mobile Coupon Referral Tracking System feature is a great way to incentivize and reward loyal customers who play an active role in driving a referral business.

All of these options, managed from one dashboard, could quite possibly replace your entire existing, traditional marketing strategy.


Mobile Web Pages

With iVision Mobile you've many options in how you'd like to utilize our refined tools.

In addition to providing a turnkey SMS Marketing and Mobile Communications Platform, the iVision Mobile tool suite features an easy to use mobile web page builder that lets users create unique, fully functioning mobile responsive web pages in minutes.

These mobile website builders can be utilized to create as basic or as comprehensive a page as you'd like.

They can even host 3rd party content such as YouTube embedded videos, customized web forms to collect data, and even more.

In addition, mobile web pages are often used to supplement existing mobile marketing and SMS messaging initiatives. All are integrated and ready for you to leverage and for your business to capitalize on.

iVision Mobile's Text Survey

iVisionMobile's advanced mobile text survey app software allows companies to quickly deploy dynamic mobile sms surveys and our data collection/management systems that require no onsite installation, development, or server infrastructure.

The mobile platform can complement an organization's web-based feedback collection system by offering an extremely effective way to collect feedback in real-time.

Mobile sms marketing surveys are fast, easy, interactive and they engage audiences unlike ever before.

iVisionMobile's proprietary software allows companies to create advanced mobile sms surveys in minutes! The mobile phone is a new and interactive medium that has become an effective and exciting communication channel.

Mobile surveys provide the following benefits:

  • Allow customers to participate on-site easily and quickly
  • Generate enough responses to ensure first-hand, trustworthy results
  • The administration of your sms surveys is efficient and trouble-free
  • The reporting of their responses will be clear and easily understood
  • By using the iVisionMobile's text survey app, we'll help you systemize timely, cost-effective and extremely valuable customer feedback.

SMS Marketing Trivia

SMS Marketing trivia campaigns provide an immediate interactive component to mobile marketing strategies that users feel compelled to participate with.

By incorporating incentives for your recipients to win- for those that successfully answer a mobile trivia question. This will absolutely increase the response rates and will serve to deepen your engagement with your valuable customers.

iVision Mobile's SMS marketing trivia software lets users create interactive mobile marketing campaigns such as multi-question mobile trivia questions in minutes.

Of course these SMS marketing tivia campaigns can be customized to the products or services you offer. So these questions can also help educate your customers to some of the finer qualities of your business that they were unaware of.

When utilized creatively and effectively, this can also help you maximize your sms marketing research, ultimately providing you with more information than you originally had.

Our software is the only tool, industry-wide, that offers a user-friendly web-based interface for creating and managing these advanced SMS marketing trivia campaign types.

This, along with our other unique and flexible tool set will help you and your business reach those sms marketing benchmarks you've set for yourself.

iVision Mobile's Text to Vote Service (mobile/mms voting and polling made easy)

Engage your audience with real time text to vote, by using the iVision Mobile's mobile marketing platform.

Give your recipients the instant gratification of a text to vote- poll by displaying the results in real time using our advanced text to screen capabilities. It's one thing to vote, but to know the results within such a short time frame are quite engaging.

Quickly build an opt-in list while providing audience members with an interactive medium for participation at events, services or products.

When you customize a text to vote campaign to a recent offer you've made, that can draw in even more business by them wanting to participate, or maybe your text to vote digital ballots are only sent to those that came in to your business last week.

For example: Q: On a scale of 1 - 10; What did you think of that pizza special you tried last week?

Unique text to screen campaigns can be implemented at a live event, embedded on a website for ongoing data collection, or with broadcast television.

Custom text to vote polling applications can be created and launched quickly and effortlessly with minimal upfront costs.

Our text to vote, polling campaigns can be augmented with:

  • Real time Text to Screen Displays
  • Off-Site OR On-Site Administration of the campaign using the LIVE Message Monitor
  • Integration into broadcast television using chyron graphics systems

You really do have so many options and ways to use this service to not only expand your business, but to gain valuable information. At the same time, your customers know you care about what they think and will give you honest feedback.

In closing...

As you can see, iVision Mobile has optimized the years focused in this industry to bring you the best, inhouse developed software to answer your SMS/MMS mobile marketing needs.

All of our tools have been refined by our years of experience and are optimized to get you the best ROIs imaginable.

Could you imagine a day when you'd need no other marketing platform than iVision Mobile? Yes you can.

If you'd like to know more about or text based tools, take a look here

When you're ready to reach out and discuss what would work best for your business, we're here for you.

Pics to Screen

Engage your audience with real time Pics to Screen capabilities using our custom Mobile Marketing Tools platform.

Provide instant gratification to participants of a text to vote polling results by displaying the results in real time using our advanced text to screen capabilities.

Custom text to vote polling applications can be created and launched quickly and effortlessly with minimal upfront costs.

This can help you quickly build an opt-in list via name recognition, while providing audience members with an interactive medium for participating at live events.

Unique text to screen campaigns are usually implemented at live events.

They can also be embedded on a website for ongoing data collection, or incorporated into LIVE broadcast television.

Text to screen allows audience members to send text messages which are then displayed on a projection device.

Projection devices can include flat/plasma screens, jumbotrons or arena vision displays, and computers integrated with video mixing systems- if you're really ready to level up your live event.

If you'd like to know more about how we can help you with your Mobile Marketing Tools- including our Text to Vote polling, or Pics to Screen feature, reach out to us at iVision Mobile today.