iVision Mobile Offers A Complete Suite Of SMS Marketing Tools To Exceed Your Objectives

Text To Screen For Live Events With iVision Mobile

Give your audience the text to vote tools to engage with live events and then those returns can be broadcast for all to see- in real time.

NOW with our Pics to Screen service, by using the capabilities that are a part of our MMS Marketing tool suite, we can provide instant gratification to all the participants of a text to vote poll by displaying the results live using our advanced text to screen capabilities.

When you apply our text to screen for live events technology, you can quickly build an opt-in list while providing audience members with an interactive medium for participation at events.

Immediately, the name of your business and customer/client engagement can be broadcast for all attendees to see. Our sms voting app is special, what could you do with it?

Create your own, unique text to vote screen campaigns that can be implemented at a live event. Of course, this can just be embedded in a website for ongoing data collection, and then incorporated into LIVE broadcast television when you're ready to share those results.

Custom text to vote polling applications can be created and launched quickly and effortlessly with minimal upfront costs.

Text to screen for live events allows audience members to send text messages which are then displayed on a projection device.

Examples of projection devices can include flat/plasma screens, jumbotrons or even arena vision displays. Finally, even to computers integrated with video mixing systems- if you really want to level up the quality of your event and display the feedback from your text to vote poll results as you like.

When you take into account and fully understand all of the abilities and ease-of-use functionality built into our SMS Marketing Tools platform and our text to vote capabilities, your only real limits are within your imagination. We're ready when you are.

SMS News Alerts

With iVision Mobile's SMS News Alerts you can send targeted text message communications to optin contacts using our MMS management platform.

Our mobile messaging platform enables a wide range of communication methods and preferences including:

  • Outbound sms news alerts.
  • Two-way interactive text messaging to optin contacts.
  • Easy segmenting of optin contacts into Target Lists.
  • High-output text messaging broadcasts to large databases.
  • Personalization of SMS text alerts with unique customer data (first name, last name, city, etc.) This is incredibly powerful.
  • Mobile broadcast capabilities to initiate a text broadcast to optin contacts directly from a mobile device.
  • SMS text alerts can be broadcast using FTP "Drop & Go" technology for. automated processing of custom data files.
  • Comprehensive delivery status reports- so you know exactly what's going on.
  • SMS emergency alerts- when you need to get a message out as quickly as possible.
  • With our Mobile RSS Feed you could even include SMS weather alerts

This is just one aspect of what we have to offer here at iVision Mobile.

Our custom messaging platform is complimented by a robust suite of product applications, that not only bring you powerful options to meet the scale of your needs, but that can be customized to target additional niche markets such as; restaurants, collections, automotive, real estate, health and medicine.

Text To Win With iVision Mobile

The iVision Mobile SMS Marketing platform can be leveraged to create, execute, and manage highly effective text to win campaigns, or feel free how you could use this technology to create any sort of text to win competition, or games on our platform.

Winners can be selected manually or the selection process can be automated by having the Text messaging system select text to win competition winners.

Choose from different selection methods including:

  • Individual/multiple winner(s)
  • Nth Winner
  • Every Nth Winner
  • First (X) Incoming Text Messages
  • Random

Should you choose to, you could incorporate a mobile coupon into each bounce back message and increase your ROI with each participant. We really are that flexible. Text to win mobile campaigns have proven to be highly effective by engaging participants with instant win opportunities- or even sms giveaways.

Everyone likes to win and when they're engaged with your business, that echoes value into your future.

Text To Pledge With iVision Mobile

iVision Mobile's Text to Pledge is here!

Text to Pledge is a cheaper and more effective method of obtaining donations via text messages.

Use iVision Mobile's real time text to screen solutions for creating interactive and dynamic text to pledge campaigns for your most loved organization. Audience members can participate and see their pledges received in real time on the screen- very cool!

Mobile Giving's, text to pledge technology has commonly been used by nonprofits and charitable organizations over the past few years. However, many limitations exist.

For example, with Mobile Giving, participants could only make donations in the amounts of $5 and $10. Pretty limited. This represented a major restriction for many non-profits who wish to solicit larger donations from contributors.

Another limitation of Mobile Giving is that it requires a double opt-in by the person donating. Oftentimes a person will attempt to make a donation via mobile giving but they never complete the double opt-in and the donation is never processed- which is unfortunate for both parties.

And then there's this; with Mobile Giving, payouts are made by the carriers approximately 90 days after a donation is received! This is so the carriers can allow their subscribers to initiate any charge back requests.

Text to Pledge by iVision Mobile eliminates almost all of the issues frustrating almost all involved with using the Mobile Giving platform.

With Text to Pledge fundraising, by iVision Mobile the contributor simply texts in "KEYWORD $ Donation Amount". That's it- done.

This information is then received by the system and can be represented on a visual thermometer display. Also, there is no limit as to how much can be pledged.

And typically, the non-profit or charity will follow up with a personal phone call to the contributor to complete their donation.

This provides a far more user-friendly and personalized user experience- as well as giving the charity the opportunity to thank the generosity of the donator.

So when you're considering the best text to give platforms, take a look at what we have for you here at iVision Mobile. We've worked out the kinks and eliminated most of the restrictions that nonprofit organizations have experienced in the past.

Text to Pledge with iVision Mobile, is ready for your next fundraising event.