SMS Marketing Case Studies

Text Message Marketing Case Studies

Quick Service Restaurant Text Marketing - Case Study
sms marketing case study pizza franchise
Kiosk Interactions / Month 21k
New Contacts / Month 5k
Coupon Redemption Rate 28%
Effective ROI 2,336%
Pizza franchise with 14 locations across 3 states generates 2300+% ROI with mobile marketing efforts. The company utilized a combination of tools to drive participation, including an onsite digital loyalty kiosk. Contacts were sent weekly text messages with mobile coupons that incorporate a "share" feature to drive a viral strategy.
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Retail Clothing Boutique Text Marketing - Case Study
Service Start Date 2010
Contacts Joined In 2020 2,100+
Messages Sent In 2020 400k+
Total Opted-In Contacts 19,000
M. Fredric women's clothing boutique with 8 stores across Southern California leveraged their existing opted-in contacts database to communicate with contacts about upcoming store closures due to the pandemic. Not only did the client increase their database by 2,100 contacts over the course of the year, they also delivered 400,000 messages to their customers.
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sms marketing case study retail boutique
Restaurant & Bar Text Marketing - Case Study
sms marketing case study restaurant and bar
Service Start Date 2019
Location Frisco, TX
Total Opted-In Contacts 1,300+
Coupon Redemption Rate 30%
J. Theodore Restaurant and Rare Books Bar utilized a variety of text marketing tools as part of their overall mobile strategy. For on-site communicaton, the kiosk check-in manager and waitlist features were used to engage guests and manage occupancy, a waitlist, encourage social distancing, and offer mobile coupons. The client experienced a 30% redemption rate on coupons for the restaurant.

For off-site communication, the client regularly sent out mobile coupon offers and weekly live music showcase alerts to their opted-in subscribers.

The combination of these tools helped the business owner generate additional critical revenues and continue to service their customers during the pandemic shutdowns and stay-at-home ordinances put in place by local government.
Med Spa Text Marketing - Case Study
Service Start Date 2014
Total Opted-In Contacts 1,100+
Messages Sent In 2020 25,000+
Calabasas Med Spa, located in Southern California, leaned heavily on text message marketing and communications in 2020. Leveraging an opted-in database of contacts they had grown for 3 years, the med spa was able to utilize text messaging communications for critical 1-on-1 messaging with patients upon arrival, as well as notifying their contacts of changes to business operations and procedures.
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sms marketing case study med spa