Private Label Software

100% Private Labeled - The Industry's Leading Business Text Messaging Platform At Your Fingertips!

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Start Your Own Mobile Marketing Business!

iVision Mobile's text messaging software and mobile marketing products are available as a private label version. This is a version that does not show our company information or company logo, but shows yours. You get to name the program, display your logo, customize it for your colors and your defaults, and in general, market and sell a program that comes from your company as if you wrote it.

Essentially - Private Labeling allows you to market and sell our products as your own - with your own pricing.

iVision Mobile is a 15 year veteran in the mobile marketing and communications industry and focuses on partnering with successful clients to build strong relationships. We provide ALL of the essential components to build a profitable business: great software, training, support, and best practices. Regardless of your business challenges - technical, strategic, sales, or marketing - iVision Mobile has the resources to help.

Mobile marketing and communications is the right business at the right time. Many of our resellers are starting this business while still employed or operating their existing businesses. The key is return-on-investment. Few alternatives will give you such a scalable, profitable model as ours. The monthly fees are very inexpensive, and the monthly income can grow as high as you want. This quickly becomes a high margin business with a recurring income stream - the best possible combination!

The Private Label Reseller Program Includes:

Setup a LIVE web demonstration of our cutting-edge business text messaging software