SMS Marketing Integrations

Integrate Our Mobile Platform

iVision Mobile offers the ability to integrate our software with thousands of 3rd party applications.

Point of Sale

Enhance your existing POS system with a mobile club or loyalty rewards program integration.


Streamline data collection and loyalty points totals from e-commerce sites like, Gloria Foods, and more.

Dealer Management Software

Let your SMS Marketing strategy drive inbound lead generation for your Dealership and feed data directly into your DMS system.

Email Marketing

Capture emails through our system and instantly feed that data to MailChimp, Constant Contact, or any other email service provider.

CMS & CRM Systems

Up to date synchronization of your data across multiple systems is critical for any business. Tie-in to Salesforce, InfusionSoft, and more.


Learn how to setup "Zaps" and integrate iVision Mobile's technology with any 3rd party software provider by using Zapier makes it easy for anyone to setup a system integration.

Integration Services

iVision Mobile's support team is here to help with any of your software integration needs. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with complex integration questions and scenarios. If you do not have access to development resources or want to devote the time to integrate, our in-house software development team can assist. We offer different types of integrations, all of which range in price depending on the level of complexity and features desired.

Custom Integrations

For more advanced projects that are not supported through our built-in tools, we offer a more customized approach with our in-house development team. They'll workw ith you to create and execute your desired solution. We utilize the following process for custom development projects:

Introductory Call
Project Scope Preparation
Approval & Agreement
Engineering & Q/A Testing

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