SMS Messaging Automation

Automate Your SMS & MMS Messaging

iVision Mobile provides a series of software tools that are designed to reduce your workload by automating as much of your messaging strategy as possible.

Interactive Messages

Contacts will receive your welcome message when they first join a campaign. Interactive time delayed messages allow for automated drip messages that are spaced seconds, minutes, hours, days, or even months apart.

Trigger Messaging

Trigger messaging lets you setup automated messaging interactions based on custom criteria. Triggers can be one time or ongoing with flexible recurring frequency.

Birthday Clubs

Our automated birthday and anniversary alerts take minutes to setup and are a great way to excite your opted-in contacts and reinforce your relationship with them.

Scheduled Texts

Pre-schedule some or all of your message broadcasts in advance. Messages can be personalized, link to digital coupons, ask for responses, and can be delivered as SMS or MMS.

Recurring Alerts

Messages can be setup on a recurring frequency to send on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for any length of time you need.

Inactive Customer Offers

The kiosk auto-engage drives retention by sending automted messages that target customers who have not checked-in to the digital kiosk in a designated number of days.