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iVision Mobile offers a comprehensive suite of messaging and customer engagement solutions for a variety of business communication needs, encompassing both marketing and non-marketing channels.


SMS & MMS Messaging Platform

Our powerful SMS platform is our most popular product! We offer a user-friendly messaging dashboard for creating all types of interactive mobile marketing and engaging messaging programs in minutes. Anything from automated messaging to mobile coupons and custom web forms, the dashboard is web-based and can be accessed from any device.

sms marketing white label
loyalty rewards kiosk

Loyalty Rewards Digital Kiosk System

Other messaging platforms do NOT have this technology! A Digital Kiosk is CRITICAL to your in-store mobile initiatives. The Digital Kiosk technology increases in-store POS opt-in rates by 500-1,000% over traditional mobile marketing programs. The digital kiosk lets businesses engage customers with powerful loyalty rewards program that track user visits and drive additional revenues.


Business Text Messaging Dashboard

The Business Text Messaging Dashboard is a 1-on-1

messaging system

that allows for the easy creation and deployment of appointment reminders as well as one time and recurring

text messaging communications


Developer API

Build on our technology! Leverage our powerful

Developer APIs

to send and receive SMS and MMS messages, manage loyalty reward points programs, create appointment reminders, and much more. Our comprehensive API toolset lets you easily

integrate with 3rd party solutions

, including Zapier.

Enterprise SMS Messaging

Need a scalable

enteprise messaging solution

for your SMS and MMS communications? Look no further than Drop & Go - a unique proprietary technology that lets users, either manually or automatically, deliver .CSV files en masse to a secure FTP or sFTP folder. Files are then processed by the system for delivery and/or contact data management.

WiFi Marketing Hotspot

Use your business WiFi to engage your onsite customers and build a powerful opt-in database with our WiFi marketing hotspot devices and proximity sensors. The WiFi Hotspot works to grow your opted in subscriber list by capturing customers that connect to your business internet.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns Are Simply One Of The Best, Most Effective Ways To Stay In Contact With Your Customers

SMS bulk marketing has certainly proven itself over the years since its inception.

In fact, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better return for your marketing dollar. Also, the ease of access/management is unsurpassed.

Take a look at these recent industry specific statistics.

"SMS has a 98% open rate compared to email marketing. 60% of customers read texts within 1-5 minutes after receiving them. As of 2021, 67 million Americans redeem coupons via mobile phones." Nov 1, 2021 -

Those are incredibly strong numbers to consider. If that was the only upside to SMS bulk marketing, it would still be worth your attention.

Now add the cost savings, immediate ROI, responsiveness, and ease of moving your campaigns to a multi-channel mobile marketing platform and now you have a system to seriously leverage to your advantage- and that of your customers.

Mobile Engagement Platform: Our Proprietary Kiosk Software

Besides our years focused on the SMS and MMS messaging industry, one of the things that really sets iVision Mobile apart from the competition is our proprietary kiosk software. The kiosk generates an increased participation of 500-1000% over traditional text to join programs.

This is apparent in all of our products, but the software behind our digital kiosk display is something we're justifiably proud of.

Some of the lead points to this software, and how it will help your business enjoy truly effective marketing are the following:

digital kiosk software examples
  • To match your business' look, feel and branding, our front-end software is fully customizable.
  • Whatever operating system is your preference, our software can run on Android, iOS, Windows and even your POS systems- whichever works best for you.
  • Though your ads and these digital kiosks are engaging, customers don't need to touch the screens if they prefer using a scannable QR code- we generate that for you.
  • You can collect up to four fields of data of your choosing. From phone numbers (being most important) and names, to zip codes to be sent to your data-base. When coupled with exclusive offers and discounts, clients are happy to share this information.
  • Our split-screen feature allows the business owner to cycle visually appealing offers. These are certainly engaging and entice them to move through the short data input process. This can also lead them to buy exactly what they've seen on the screen.
  • Client tracking. It's important when you haven't seen a client for a while- so send them a special offer to remind them of you. This will likely get them back in the business. Of course this can be programmed/scheduled to be performed automatically.
  • All of this is easy to set up, manage, and report on so you always have access to the data that matters most. As new customers come in, they'll engage with the digital signage kiosk and input their contact information- so your list will continue to grow- almost auto-pilot.

Mobile messaging solutions are meeting many of the problems experienced by more seasoned marketing channels of the past. What's interesting is how much they are actually valued by the recipients. This has turned traditional, interruption marketing on its head.

People are well-used to being constantly bombarded by messages they didn't ask for and therefore are psychologically resistant.

When SMS marketing software is used correctly, you'll find that your customers are delighted to hear from you. After all, they've opted-in to your list and they have a much more personal relationship with their phones, as opposed to their televisions or radios.

Businesses of all sizes are using this technology to achieve astounding returns.

However, with the advent of software that allows a business to control multiple channels of marketing avenues, the numbers/statistics are spread out across a number of different metrics.

Though this is true, the numbers are no less valuable than the astounding 98% open+read-rate enjoyed by SMS marketing software at large.

Take a look at these broader statistics related to a multi-channel strategy:

"30% higher lifetime customer values are attributed to consumers shopping across multiple channels. 13% more is spent by consumers who research purchases in advance. 89% of customers are retained by companies with omni-channel engagement strategies." Source:

Now it might be easier for you to consider how mobile marketing platforms, when tied into a multi-channel strategy could help your business grow, retain existing customers, while making your marketing efforts far more efficient and cost effective.

Become a White Label SMS Software Reseller

Turn mobile marketing solutions into a business. Leverage the iVision Mobile platform to create a recurring revenue stream with unlimited potential.

  Fully customized SaaS software 100% rebranded for your company
  Your clients pay you directly. Automated recurring billing.
  Easily monitor account activities, run reports, and provide managed services to users.
  Upsell a variety of add-on features
  Create unique menu layouts, customize color themes, and more.
  Competitive pricing, no setup or upfront investment required
sms marketing white label

Mobile Marketing Solutions...

...are already well engrained within our society. Rather than being perceived as intrusive, statistics show that the vast majority of customers appreciate the contact and offers provided by SMS as a marketing avenue. When you're ready to know more about how SMS bulk marketing, along with how all of our time-tested custom channels could be applied to your business- and to your customers' delight - feel free to reach out. Give us at iVision Mobile a call today. We're here to help.

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