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The opportunity in mobile is REAL — you know that!

In order to capitalize on the opportunity, you need to partner with a best-in-class mobile communications platform. iVision Mobile provides the industry's most intuitive, powerful and robust cloud-based mobile platform built with over a decade of mobile communications experience.

All-In-One Messaging Platform

An effective mobile communications strategy encompasses a variety of ways to connect with your customers. With these new opportunities come new requirements to easily manage communication with your customers through text, MMS, digital kiosks, and mobile web. On top of that, every mobile touchpoint must be personalized. iVision is the only platform you need to accomplish this.

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iVision mobile communications platform - responsive design

Responsive Design

The iVision platform is designed in responsive CSS allowing users to login and manage their accounts from their mobile device, tablets or computers with one seamless user experience.

As more and more users manage their accounts remotely, it's important for iVision to provide customers with a seamless user experience across multiple devices.

Top-notch Code


iVision packs a TON of features into a USER-FRIENDLY cloud-based SaaS platform. In just a few minutes you can activate your mobile campaign and start seeing results!

iVision makes it SIMPLE to get started with your mobile initiatives. We have all the tools to help you succeed.

iVision Mobile platform advanced features

Advanced Features

NO other mobile platform in the industry offers as many Advanced Features as iVision. Believe us - we've checked!

iVision offers a comprehensive array of Advanced Features that offer users the EDGE in executing powerful mobile communications strategies.

comprehensive mobile reports

Comprehensive Reports

Look no further than your REPORTS tab for powerful insights into your mobile communications.

Gain access to Messaging Logs, Contact Summaries, Delivery Reports, Keyword Summaries, and more with our powerful reporting options. Some reports can be setup to email automatically in PDF format.

Easier Conversion

Built-In CRM

A powerful built-in CRM tool compliments the iVision cloud-based mobile communications platform. The CRM offers a customizable web-form designed for list building online and on Facebook fan pages, powerful targeting based on demographic data and more unique contact management features.

clover post loyalty rewards


Connect the iVision Mobile messaging platform to any 3rd party POS or SaaS system by way of a direct API connection or Zapier integration.

Mobile Communications Platform Features

Account Management

Sub-User Logins

Work for a large organization? No problem. Our platform lets you create as many sub account logins as you'd like, all with their own login permissions.

User Restrictions

Turn ON & OFF different system features. Prevent access to specific sections of the platform. The user restrictions give account owners a wide array of tools to prevent misuse and control account access.

Menu Customization

The mobile communications platform menu is fully customizable. Users can change the colors, icons, labels, and also upload a custom logo image. Different menu layouts can be setup to hide or display system features.

Affiliate User Hierarchy

Setup users with the ability to register other users underneath your account umbrella. The Affiliate Access allows for layered account management and grouping for onboarding users with the goal of registering additional system users.

Contact Management & CRM

Data Ownership

Feel confident in knowing that you have 100% access to your contact data in real-time. Contact data can be viewed and exported on demand. Also, iVision Mobile does NOT own, share, or sell any of your data!

Contact Management

In addition to standard contact data fields (i.e. first, last, birthday, email, etc.), system users can create and track up to 10 additional custom data fields for their subscribers.

Contact Segmentation

Our mobile communications platform lets you create both static and dynamic Target Lists that allow you to segment and target subsets of your contacts based on a variety of search criteria.

Customizable Opt-In Forms

Create 100% customizable opt-in web forms that can be easily embedded on your webpages or through our Mobile Webpage builder.


Business Texting Inbox

Real-time two way messaging inbox for business texting and 1-on-1 messaging. Send SMS and MMS, view conversation history, and create and manage sub-folders for easy organization of your Messaging Inbox.

Dynamic Mobile Campaigns

The iVision Mobile platform lets users create a wide array of mobile campaigns including alerts, promotions, contests, surveys, trivia, multi-layered menus, loyalty rewards, and much more.

Birthday & Anniversary Clubs

Powerful birthday club and anniversary club alerts help create better relationships with customers, keep your brand top of mind, and work to generate additional revenue by driving business with special offers and incentives.

Advanced Messaging Features

iVision Mobile's advanced messaging features include Personalization, Data Capture, Inbound Reply Technology, Automated Time Delays, and mobile coupon integration to name a few.

Messaging API

Powerful birthday club and anniversary club alerts help create better relationships with customers, keep your brand top of mind, and work to generate additional revenue by driving business with special offers and incentives.

Trigger Messaging

Create Trigger Messaging campaigns that add a layer of automation to your messaging and engagement. Triggers can be setup in a variety of ways to achieve many different messaging needs for users.

Business Texting Dashboard

The Business Texting Dashboard is a 1-on-1 messaging system that allows for the easy creation and deployment of appointment reminders as well as one time and recurring text messaging communications.

Enterprise File Delivery

Drop & Go is a unique proprietary technology that lets users, either manually or automatically, deliver .CSV files, individually or en masse, to secure FTP or sFTP folders. Files are then processed by the system for delivery and/or contact data management.

Mobile Tools

Mobile Webpages

Build out customized mobile webpages that can be used in conjunction with your messaging intitiatives. Mobile webpages can be informational, or can have web forms embedded on them for data capture capabilities.

Mobile Coupons

Dynamic and engaging Mobile Coupons can be used to create an additional element of personalization for your brand or business. Mobile coupons can be used to track rewards, discounts, display barcodes, and more.

Digital Kiosk

The Digital Kiosk has revolutionized our clients' messaging strategies. There is NO other mobile marketing platform in the industry that also offers a digital kiosk technology! Average response rates for the digital kiosk are 500-1,000% more effective than traditional mobile marketing. If you have a brick and mortar business, the Digital Kiosk is a MUST HAVE technology!

Kiosk Check-In Manager

The Kiosk Check-In Manager, or KCM for short, is a front of house tool for employees to administer loyalty points and rewards for customers. The KCM can be used in conjunction with a customer-facing Digital Kiosk or as a standalone employee-facing solution.

Digital Waitlist

NEW to our Digital Kiosk and KCM technology is a additional Digital Waitlist feature that can be used for curbside pick-ups, tracking metered occupancy, and allowing customers to "hop in line" virtually. From there, the system can be used to communicate 1-on-1 via text messaging.

MMS Messaging

Upload, manager, and deliver powerful MMS messaging campaigns that combine up to 500 character messages with visually appealing content such as Animated .GIFs, JPGs, MP3 Audio Files, and 3GP Video Files.

PayPal Campaigns

Collecting donations or payment via PayPal? Use our PayPal campaigns feature to create custom payment/donation buttons and activate them on your custom mobile webpages.

Random Winner Selector

A heavily used feature for many brands and agencies working with brands, is the Random Winner Selector, which lets users automatically schedule winners to be selected for individual mobile campaigns.

vCard Wizard

A vCard lets users create and deliver their important business contact information in an easily downloadable and cross-compatible vCard format, directly to the customers' cellphone contacts. vCards can contain a wealth of information for a business and can be easily delivered via MMS message or web URL in an SMS message.


Messaging Logs

Easily access and export both Received and Sent messaging logs. Sent logs contain individual delivery statuses (when available) for easy troubleshooting of outbound messaging issues.

Coupon Reports

The Coupon Redemptions log shows an individually date and time stamped log of coupons redeemed through the system, while the Coupon Summary shows an overall summary view of all coupons that exist for a user account.

Kiosk Reports

Multiple kiosk reports are available for access and download including a submission log of all kiosk activity, a Kiosk Check-Ins report that displays check-in totals for individual contacts, and a Kiosk Summary report which gives an overall review of kiosk activity.

Billing Reports

White Label Resellers that conduct recurring billing through the platform will have a comprehensive Billing History report that shows user invoices thta have been processed for payment.